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Speed, Little Rattlesnake – Toys Review and Criticism

Speed, Little Rattlesnake – Toys Review and Criticism

Speed, Little Rattlesnake is a children’s game by Wolfgang Dirscherl and Wolfgang Lehmann. It is published by Ravensburger and is about a great race.

Rules: How does the game work?

Skunk Skippy is allowed to start the race. The baby rattlesnakes are very excited and want to win the race across the desert. After the individual game board pieces are put together, the deck of cards is shuffled. Everyone gets a card from the deck. This is briefly looked at secretly and then put on his face again.

All rattlesnakes are mixed up and placed on the starting line without being tested. Shapes shake when held horizontally on one side but not on the other.


Tempo Small Rattlesnake - Materials and Construction - Photo by Ravensburger

On your turn, you roll two colored dice and decide which dice to use. A rattlesnake of the same color is then predicted as to whether it will rattle or become silent.
The test is then performed and the rattlesnake is shaken back and forth horizontally by hand.

  • I guessed correctly? As a bonus you can take a card from the draw pile.
  • Wrong prediction? It’s unfortunate that there is no card from the draw pile.

However, in both cases, the rattlesnake is turned to the other side and moved one space forward. And so the game continues.

The game ends once the first rattlesnake reaches the target field. Then everyone who played their cards reveals. Whoever has the most rattlesnakes in the color of the rattlesnake wins the speed, the smaller rattlesnake.

Alternate with aloe vera

Tempo Small Rattlesnake Children's Toy - Box - Image from Ravensburger

Scoring Variable: The game goes as shown. Once the first rattlesnake reaches the target, all cards are revealed. Each rattlesnake scores a number of points equal to the number of cactus points (1-3) shown in the space on it. Whoever gets the most points wins this round.

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A beautiful children’s game with a listening experience

Speed, Little Rattlesnake is a beautiful and attractive game for children. The game material is attractively designed. The game enhances memory and memory. It is important to listen carefully to hear whether the rattlesnake is making sounds.

Information about speed, small rattlesnake

  • Title: Speed, the Little Rattlesnake
  • Publisher: Ravensburger
  • Author: Wolfgang Derscherl, Wolfgang Lehmann
  • Number of players (from to): 2-4
  • Age (from or from to in years): 4-8
  • Duration in minutes: 10
  • Vintage: 2023