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Special Edition Camera Series “Starting With Insensitivity” for Miki and Aso/ Make memories by printing posters with Canon “SELPHY” mini photo printer[PR]-[TV Bros. WEB]

A camera series designed by Miki Aki, who bought a mirrorless digital camera last fall in order to take good photos of her five beloved cats. In the second part of the additional edition, participants will try to make posters using the various printing functions of the Canon “SELPHY CP1500” small photo printer. I have summarized my memories of my trip to Okinawa on one photo board. Asei can't hide his amazement at the SELPHY CP1500's ease of use. From start to finish, they were thrilled, saying, “Amazing!”, “Very good!”, and “Best!”

Edited by Aki Fujimoto
Interview and text by Aki Takamoto
Photography/Photography Direction/Shiho Otsuki

Place your travel memories printed on square stickers on a clear board!

AsiWow, “SELPHY” is really good. Hazar!

Canon representativeThank you. In Part 1, you mentioned that you wanted to print a photo of your cat when you were little, so why not try making posters with a photo of your cat? First, please download the application.

Asi(While scanning the QR code to download the app*) Things are very convenient now. In the past, you didn't have to type a URL every time. …hurry! You have already downloaded it.

Canon representativeIn addition to the postcard size paper that the first part is printed on, you can also print on square labels and 8-part labels like old-fashioned printed labels.

AsiIt's really good! I'd like to try it.

Canon representativeThe reading screen will appear during the initial settings of the application, so please read the QR code

displayed on the printer screen.Asi

I got it. Er, are you able to connect yet? It's really easy to just read the screen!

Simply read the QR code that appears on the “SELPHY” screen of the app to complete the connection easily!Canon representative

Thank you. The poster is divided into 8 parts, so please choose 8 of your favorite images.Asi

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What should I do? Wait a minute! (As he says this, he selects the photos he wants to print from the app on his smartphone) This app is amazing too. Loads and works very quickly!Otsuki

It is important to be stress-free.Asi

Hey, it's important. 2 more! I don't know what to do…well, I've decided on this.Canon representative

As with the postcard size, you can choose with or without borders, but what to do?Asi

surprising! Borderless printing. I loaded it up and… oh, it started moving! I think I'll do this all day on my day off (lol). (He looks at the completed paper) Ah, ah, eh! so cute! Please look! The cat and the fish she caught! It's so beautiful!Otsuki


I would buy SELPHY, this is serious! It's fun and I'm happy! After all, since it's a sticker, you can put it in different places, right?Canon representative

You can peel and stick them one by one.Asi

Well, let's stick it on the smartphone itself. Moreover, the size is just right. I think I'll take a picture of Sukeroku (my cat). This photo was taken yesterday… wow, it's really beautiful! It's nicer than I imagined. It looks more familiar when printed on a poster. This will be fun with friends!Otsuki

It's small but beautiful, isn't it?Asi

Yes, it's pretty! I will give the manager a photo of the fish I caught (Ase shares the printed label with the manager). The fish I caught was so big that an unknown person near me took a picture of it. Oh, and being waterproof means you can also stick it to fishing boxes? You can mark them as yours! You can even put it on your car! It's really good!

Aki is happy with the sticker of her beloved cat on her smartphoneCanon representative

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It is a kind of sticker that can be pasted in different places, so you can enjoy it in a variety of situations. Next, let's print to a full-size poster. Next, select “Card Size” from “Select and Print” at the top.Asi

Is it appropriate to choose “Brilliant”?Canon representative

You can also choose between 'semi-gloss' and 'slightly glossy' depending on your preference, but this will give you a slightly matte finish.Asi

Let's set it to “Brilliant”.Canon representative

By the way, using the app, you can also add stamps and other decorations to the photos you print. For example, I might put a saturated line in a photo of Mr. Aso holding the fish he caught.

You can decorate and print saturated lines, stars, hearts, flowers, etc. with the dedicated app “SELPHY Photo Layout”.Asi

Huh, does this feature also exist? interesting! I'm hooked on this. My wife would print out a picture of our cat and put it on her phone, but the quality was bad. If you do this, you can also make a beautiful poster. It's so good! Ha ha ha! Wow this is good! It's nice to create an album like the previous one, but the sticker type can be linked to the things you wear, and the tag type can be linked to your smartphone, so it's easier to use on a daily basis. There are times when we play rock, paper, scissors (with clients) at our business parties. We give away Mickey stickers to the winning kids, but if you don't have one, you can also give them stickers printed with SELPHY.Otsuki

I think this makes me very happy.Asi

It would be fun to make lots of Nadal posters. This is the best!
With square size sticker

Make a photo board for your travel memory

“It prints so fast!”Otsuki

Next, I will create a photo painting by printing memorable images onto square posters. Let's choose 12 photos from the ones we took on our trip to Okinawa. Since it's square, the viewing angle will be different than it was when I took the photo, but I think that's a good thing.Asi

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certainly! Looks like you'll be looking forward to it once it's complete. It's very convenient to be able to select this and that… and print multiple sheets at once! For some reason, the square shape gives it a more modern look.Otsuki

Once you have them all printed, arrange them on the board.Asi

I got it. If you do that, the center will be filled with animals… Well, how about this?

▼Photographer: AssiOtsuki

It's a view passed through your filter, so it packs a lot of flavour.Asi

correct. After all, I don't have to carry a camera with me all the time. I like that “SELPHY” can be enjoyed not only by people with single-lens reflex cameras, but also by smartphones. The picture quality of today's mobile phones is good. I was able to make some great posters today and I'm satisfied. Well, today was fun. It was fun!

Canon “SELPHY CP1500” mini photo printer

Easily create your photography with our comprehensive paper collection. You can also print directly from an SD card or USB memory using Wi-Fi from your smartphone. If you use an external battery (sold separately), you can enjoy printing on the go.For product details ◀◀◀


Asi (Mickey)Born on July 22, 1988 in Kyoto Prefecture. In 2012, he formed a duo with his older brother Subao. In 2020, he won the grand prize at the 5th Grand Prix of the Kamigata Manzai Society. Every Sunday “Miki's Brothers Dempa!” (KBS Radio Kyoto), every Monday “Miki BASE” (MBS), every Friday “Miki's Late Night Dempa!” “(Radio Ponca), etc.Official InstagramHere you can get a glimpse of life with your beloved cat.

“Miki/Ase's Start from Zero Sensitivity” is currently being serialized in TV Bros magazine and on the web.

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