September 22, 2023


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Sit comfortably at gamescom 23

Sit comfortably at gamescom 23

Who is Recaro Gaming? RECARO Gaming is a German manufacturer High quality gaming chairs. The company draws on many years of experience in the manufacture of ergonomic chairs, including in the automotive sector. With the two premium models RECARO Rae and RECARO Exo, the company introduces two top-of-the-line models specially developed for gamers.

In addition to great comfort, the chairs also offer adjustable armrests, built-in lumbar support and high flexibility as well as a long service life.

There are Recaro chairs here!

RECARO Gaming at LeetDesk and Streamboost – How to Find the Great Chairs

What is RECARO Gaming’s relationship with gamescom? At the big gaming event gamescom 23, RECARO Gaming acts as seat sponsor and thus makes its high-quality chairs available in two stands. There you can check the chairs directly, talk to the RECARO staff and try the seats firsthand, for example to relieve back pain caused by standing too much.

This is how you can find RECARO Gaming on LeetDesk: LeetDesk She is a partner and somewhat opposite of RECARO Gaming, because this company produces tables specifically for gamers. With their high quality, tables from LeetDesk are a perfect match for top chairs from RECARO Gaming.

That’s why the tables here are also equipped with RECARO bench furniture and you can convince yourself of the quality and usefulness of both families of products there. LeetDesk is also organizing a raffle with RECARO during gamescom, where you can win two RECARO chairs, among other things.

There are Recaro chairs here!

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This is how you can find RECARO on Streamboost: On the Factory-C GmbH booth in Hall 10.2 you will find the Streamboost presenter, a live broadcast setup from which influencers will broadcast during gamescom 23. A comfortable seat from RECARO has been prepared for this. The seat used in the spot is then personally signed by the broadcaster and then drawn for at gamescom.

If you are looking for a rest for your feet and back after all this running around and waiting for the best new games, check out the RECARO gaming seats in the two mentioned platforms and convince yourself of the quality of the gaming seats out there. More information and offers about RECARO gaming chairs can be found here.