November 30, 2023


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Did you think the gaming bed was stupid?  Then check out Razer’s new gaming razor

Did you think the gaming bed was stupid? Then check out Razer’s new gaming razor

Various manufacturers are now vying for players’ attention. Now Razer has introduced a bright green razor in collaboration with Gilette.

If you thought it couldn’t get any crazier than a portable massager and toy bed, think again. Because manufacturer Razer has now introduced a razor to gamers with Gilette.

After the very successful April Fool’s joke, an actual shaving product has now been introduced. By the way, our cover photo shows this year’s April Fool’s joke from Razer.

You will soon be able to purchase the “GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition” in retail stores

Under the motto “Feel Sharp, Play Sharp” the collaboration on razors was introduced. With this, Razer refers to this year’s April Fool’s Day 2023, when the razor mouse was introduced.

But the joke was so well received by fans that an actual shaving product has now been introduced. Even if you’re not necessarily flying with a gaming mouse, like in our cover photo.

Otherwise, the product is a typical Gillette wet razor with a Razer look. The model is bright green and should definitely attract attention. Although it is also common to shave in the shower rather than in public.

But the practical thing is that the razor is compatible with standard refill blades of the same brand. If your blade is dull, you can simply replace it. But this is not unusual either.

By the way, Razer doesn’t use RGB or any other gimmicks with its razor.

Where can you buy the product? The limited edition GilletteLabs Razer will be available at several retailers around the world. If you’re lucky (or unlucky), you’ll stumble across this manufacturer’s bright green razor blades the next time you shop at Rossmann, DM, or another drugstore chain.

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Supply is said to be limited, but according to Razer, the razors will be available until 2024. It’s possible that only Razer and Gillette know if this gaming product will be around for the long term.

Other Razer collaborations: Incidentally, this is not the first time that Razer has cooperated with other companies to provide special products for gamers. New Fashion Brand Created in Collaboration with Tommy:

Razer presents itself as the Prada for gamers, charging €750 for an exclusive box