May 30, 2024


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Shimaru Building Musical Terrace|Event|Pick Up Today|

Shimaru Building Musical Terrace|Event|Pick Up Today|

Chimaru Musical Building Terrace

There is a space on the balcony of the Shinmaru Building where you can enjoy music while enjoying snacks and drinks!

There is a picnic area where you can relax on the grass and a kitchen car where you can enjoy snacks! There is also a free piano that anyone can enjoy playing freely in the open space.
Moreover, for three days from May 3 (Friday/Holiday) to May 5 (Sunday/Holiday), a classical concert where you can enjoy live violin and flute music will be held as one of the concert venues in the Marunouchi region held in nine locations in… Also implemented in the Marunouchi area.
We look forward to seeing you there.

date and time

May 2 (Sunday) to May 5, 2024 (Sunday/Celebration)


Shinmuro Building 1F Nakadori Terrace Seats/Northwest Entrance
*Event may be canceled in case of rain.

About free piano

・We aim for a maximum of 10 minutes per set.
・No advance reservations or numbered tickets will be issued. Please line up on a first-come, first-served basis.
・You may not be able to perform before or after the concert in the Marunouchi area, including during the performance time.
・Due to the surrounding environment, any instruments or microphones that use power, such as amplifiers, cannot be brought to the set.

Marunouchi District Ceremony

From May 3 (Golden and Merry Christmas) to May 5 (Sunday and Merry Christmas) from 14:00 to 16:00
It is delivered in Nagashi style. The performance will last approximately 30 minutes with a break in between.
For other details about the ceremony in the Marunouchi area, click here.

Held at the same time!
Music competition pool

If you answer three or more music-related questions correctly at each gathering point set up at five locations in the Marunouchi Building and Shin-Maruno Building, the first 200 people each day (800 people total) will receive a Marunouchi Points app voucher that can be used at stores. Gourmet at Shin-Marunouchi Building and get 500 yen as a gift!
Please join us!

Competition assembly period

April 26 (Golden Day) ~ May 5 (Sunday and Holiday)
*Please note that the coupon redemption period varies.

Voucher redemption period

May 2 (Thursday) – May 5 (Sunday/Holiday)
*Ends once supplies last (first 200 people each day)

Exchange location/time

Shinmuro Building 1F, Music Terrace Reception (Nakadori Side Balcony Seats)
*Ends once coupons run out (first 200 people each day)
*To earn and use coupons, you will need to install the Marunouchi Points app and enter the coupon code.

How to participate

Step 1: Write your answer in the answer column on the flyer posted at each assembly point and on the shelves inside the Marunouchi Building and Shin-Marunouchi Building.
<نقطة التجمع>
No. 1 Shinmuro Building, 1st floor, elevator hall, northwest entrance
#2 Shinmuro Building, 3rd Floor/Atrium
#3 Shinmuro Building 7F/Marunouchi House, elevator hall on the northwest side
#4 Maru Building 1F/Maru Cube
#5 Maru Building B1F/Multica

Step 2: Bring the flyer to the cashier's reception desk.
Step 3: If you answer 3 or more questions correctly, you will receive a card containing a coupon code. (Shinmaru Building 1F, Nakadori Side Balcony Seat)
Step 4: Enter the coupon code written on the card into the Marunouchi Points app to redeem the coupon.

About Marunouchi Point App Coupons

・Voucher usage period: May 2 (Thursday) – May 31 (Friday)
・Store where coupons can be used: Shinmaru Building restaurants and food stores where Marunouchi points can be used (*Except for some stores)
・Voucher usage conditions: It can be used for a single account with a value of 1,500 yen or more including tax
・Only one time per person
・Amounts paid using points or vouchers will not be eligible for Marunouchi points.


Events are subject to change or cancellation without notice. please note.

■ Contact information
Marunouchi Call Center
Tel: 03-5218-5100 (11:00 ~ 21:00)
*However, on Sundays and holidays, until 20:00 (in case of consecutive holidays, only until 20:00 on the last day)

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