April 17, 2024


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Shane Gillis addresses the SNL shooting in a monologue

Shane Gillis addresses the SNL shooting in a monologue

More than four years after he was fired from “Saturday Night Live” over racist comments, Shane Gillis returned to the show on Saturday, urging viewers not to look into why he was fired before his first day on the job.

The comedian served as host of SNL on Feb. 24 after he was fired as a cast member in 2019. Gillis referenced this at the top of his monologue, though he did not elaborate on the fact to viewers that it was the offensive racial comments that led to the ouster. with it.

“Most of you probably have no idea who I am,” he said. “I was actually kicked off this show a while ago, but don't look it up, please. If you don't know who I am, please, don't Google it. It's okay. Don't worry about it.”

“I probably shouldn't be here, honestly,” he added.

Gillis was hired as a cast member on “SNL” in 2019 but was fired days later before appearing in a single episode. At the time, he faced backlash over a 2018 podcast clip in which he used an anti-Asian slur. Executive producer Lorne Michaels said he was not aware of the clip when he hired Gillis and thought the language used by the comedian was “offensive, hurtful and unacceptable.” Gillis said at the time that he was a “boundary-pushing comedian” and would be “happy to apologize to anyone who has actually been offended by anything I've said.”