July 14, 2024


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Send the team abroad

Send the team abroad

Captain Kirk and Captain Pickard have teamed up against the space villains who are already in the cinema. In “Star Trek Legends,” all the heroes are from Enterprise and Co. Now ready for exciting spotting missions.

Endless spaces and almost all the Captains, Queen Borg, Romulan and even Jorn are there? Star Trek: Legends throws Gene Roddenberry’s science fiction ships, timelines, and series upside down and sends heroes and villains on shared adventures.

For this to also make sense in terms of time – there are several years between individual strings – a Nexus would have to be built. The Mysterious Energy Squad from the seventh “Star Trek” from 1994 breaks the boundaries of space, time, and reality and brings the series’ heroes together.

Players now face a major challenge: on the one hand, they and their growing crew have to complete increasingly challenging missions in the Nexus universe. There is exploration, fighting and gathering. Depending on configuration, Captain Janeway, Gorn, Borg Queen and Michael Burnham stand side by side. For some Trek purists, this is a tough challenge.

On the other hand, the ship and its crew are being upgraded and trained. The raw materials collected in the errands are used for this. Unused crew members gain experience with shuttle missions and bring home plenty of latin, feedstock, or biomimetic gel. This is how the Starfleet heroes arm themselves.

The combination of round-the-clock combat, exploration, and story told through dialogues and footage is entertaining. “Legends” is one of the best versions of “Star Trek” as a video game. Only a partially weak translation is bothering you. Android data, for example, is called “data” in the German version. This would not have happened with the series’ true universal translator.

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Positive: Even if some game modes like Events or Shuttle Missions are somewhat reminiscent of the freemium mechanics of other games, “Star Trek: Legends” has no hidden costs. The Internet mode that Game Center handles with is also designed to be relatively data saving.

Star Trek: Legends is currently only available on Apple’s Apple Arcade Game Service for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and iPod touch. The monthly subscription price is 4.99 euros.