June 13, 2024


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Sebastian Hotez portrays a successful caricature expert in ‘Mindset’.

Sebastian Hotez portrays a successful caricature expert in ‘Mindset’.

HYou haven’t read such a first page of a novel for a long time. It is an ironically perfect observation of what many no longer notice: “Somewhere on the road from the trees to the huts and then, to the very expensive individual flats, the human race killed silence.” For Reinhard May, this was the reason but: “Some fool is always mowing somewhere,” but to put it more contemporary, it goes like this: “Even in the quietest hour of a sleepless night, somewhere you can still hear the hum of some A cumbersome power strip, which with razor-sharp 50 Hz edges cuts through a long rest period. And if it’s not a power strip, it’s a power supply. A router. (..) maybe a heater valve. Maybe just a self-sustaining function in the brain that mimics sound. To prevent the occurrence of the inability to think in actual silence.”

Sebastian Hotz, born in Pforchheim in 1996, is well versed in such delusional, pointed and cleverly exaggerated descriptions – he now works for Jan Baumermann “ZDF Magazin Royale”, but under the name “El Hotzo” he has a large following Twitter and Instagram are known, he enjoys Short sarcastic messages. They often relate to the absurdity of online people who have become voluntarily transparent and have grown up alongside technology, which was still a nightmare scenario for non-fiction books a few years ago.

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