May 27, 2024


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Searching for the best Italian pizza

Searching for the best Italian pizza

Asuncion: Since Wednesday, the best Italian-style pizza has been voted, and the public can choose their favorite pizza via the Gruppo Noi Siamo Facebook page. Interestingly enough, there is also one from Vare’a Off! in the colony of Independence.

This is the second national championship, a digital competition in which photos of the products submitted by the contestants are published.

To vote, you must visit the Gruppo Noi Siamo website at:

This group currently has over 13,000 members, but anyone who wants to vote must apply for membership, which is accepted almost automatically. The competition began last Wednesday with four preliminary rounds and a direct elimination system. The voting period for the top hopefuls ends on June 9 and the other four rounds in the bottom half of the contribution photo begin on the same day.

There are 16 participants in total, and they all excel at making Italian-style pizza, although this is not strictly defined. Pizza makers can be Italians, descendants of Italians, or have a pizzeria with a name that refers to the country the pizza came from. There will also be representatives of the Italian families involved in the manufacture of the product, both privately and commercially.

Participants were asked to provide the organizers with a photo of the pizza they would be competing with and a brief review of the recipe.

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