September 24, 2021


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Ross Anthony – Welcome to the club – 20 years

Ross Anthony inspires with his new album “Welcome to the Club – 20 Years” and once again shows the artist’s exceptional diversity and creativity. 40 songs reminiscent of special moments and encounters in his 20-year career, we’ve all heard before.

The new album offers a total of 40 selected songs on two CDs, which Ross Anthony himself selected with the help of his fans. 10 song-choice titles were selected in a fan vote, because Ross wanted his fans to have a say. But there had to be some titles on the album because they had a special meaning to Ross Anthony.

Bro´Sis songs can also be found in the new album!

With the three songs “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel”, “I Believe” and “Do You” on “Willkommen im Club – 20 Jahre” he recalls his successful time at Bro´Sis, the last two he shared with the former. Bro´Sis-College Giovanni Zarrella Recorded as a duet – popular pop music at its best in the early 2000s. Brand new is the good mood song “Willkommen im Club,” which also serves as the album’s title song and is especially easy to dance to – ChaChaCha is all the rage. The song happily talks about the problems we all face in life and shows that we are not alone with them. But several classic songs also appeared on the album, such as “Fiesta Mexicana”, “Barefoot in the Rain”, “New love is like a new life”, “Tears Don’t Lie” or “Michaela” and many more. You have to say that Ross Anthony has managed to reinterpret and assimilate these old songs in a modern way, changing these titles to this day has been very successful – of course, all in a really good mood and typical of Ross Anthony’s style.

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Ross Anthony: Welcome to the club – Conclusion

some of his Ross Anthony songs The album can also be found, including ‘Very British’ from his album ‘Golden By Myself’ as well as the song of the same name or song ‘Goodby Papa’ from the 2020 album ‘Schlager Don’t Lie Loud and Quiet’. The work is completed with “DerPerfektePartyMix”, where Ross again offers everything to his fans, in general it is a very colorful album, with many genres and a variety of titles, for which Ross-Anthony manages to create a harmonious musical mix. To find fans. album for everyone Ross Anthony Fan But every successful tiger should be on the CD shelf.

Photo: Telamo / André Weimar