September 16, 2021


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Bad grades for toilets at Karlsruhe main station

Bad grades for toilets at Karlsruhe main station

Ranking in Germany

Disgusting, dirty and unsanitary – the toilets at Karlsruhe Central Station get poor marks in the ranking of train station toilets in Germany. What about the cleanliness of the quiet place?

A startup has analyzed toilets in 20 German cities. Karlsruhe lands in the back places.

Photo: Jens Büttner / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

Businessmen with suitcases and day trips who have just returned from the zoo walk or shop through the entrance hall of Karlsruhe Main Station. It’s four in the evening and there’s a lot going on. On the left side, a sign between a sandwich shop and a toy library indicates the station restroom. Those who are here often cannot avoid visiting the quiet spot at the train station.

If the bladder compresses, you first have to push at the turnstile to the toilets. The machine requires one euro. In return you get a voucher from the shops at the train station, but only for fifty cents. There is a cleaner at the entrance that afternoon. She says hi before people disappear into cabins.

The toilets are clean, and the cups are cleaned automatically after every visit to the toilet. Rinse works with motion detector, soap and disinfectant are available in the wash area. According to the website of the toilet operator “Tank & Rast Gruppe”, 90 percent of visitors at 550 sites in Germany are “at least somewhat” satisfied with cleanliness. In particular, the fact that so many things work offline contributes to “as much hygiene as possible,” according to a spokesperson.

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