April 15, 2024


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Rocket League Sites for Mobile Devices has been announced and is expected to be released this year

Cynics is excited to announce the new, complete Rocket League Experience Rocket League SightSwipe, built from the ground up for mobile platforms to be released later this year!

Zionics has been working hard on this free mobile game for iOS and Android, taking the core, competitive games of the Rocket League and reviewing them for mobile devices. In Rocket League SightSwipe, players compete on the field from a new perspective in 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Games are fast, 2 minute matches, you can play with friends or thanks to the online game.

Rocket League SightSwipe has mobile controls that make it easy to know whether you are a Rocket League champion or a new player learning your way on the field. For those who want to climb on the competitive teams there is an advanced dynamics similar to Rocket League. In the garage, Rocket League SightSwipe will have robust vehicle customizations similar to Rocket League. Players can also expect an online ranking system for the competitive game. As we get closer to getting started we will reveal more about the game in the coming months.

Cynics is targeting the global release of Rocket League SightSwipe later this year for iOS and Android. Starting today, players in Australia and New Zealand can take part in a limited time regional alpha test on Android via the Google Play Store. More information on future betas in the regions will be released in the coming months.

More info rocketleague.com.

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