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Rise of the Flood Numbers, test, review, critique

Rise of the Flood Numbers, test, review, critique

Disney Lorcana After a few boring duels with Chapter 1 decks, it completely disappeared for me. I want to be honest. And so my set from the beginning of the second wave, Rise of the Flood Figures, sat untouched on my toy shelf until the first dust. The title is specifically in English Flood rise Epic and capitalizing on Disney's Star Wars franchise, but expectations for fun were still so low that procrastination rather than procrastination prevailed. That's why it's even more embarrassing for me that… Disney lorkana virus It has affected me now to the point that I have at least a runny nose and minor body aches.

Even with the high flood numbers, there is little new at Disney's Lorcana

Nothing new happened at Disney's Lorcana with flood numbers rising. The most obvious is the new ability “Strong,” which reduces the damage characters can receive in a challenge. In addition, unlike the first chapter, this time there are only two starting floors, so the colors of ruby ​​and emerald are not taken into account.

Rise of the Flood Characters: Dwarves, Witches, and Snow White

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game: Rise of the Flood Forms - Full Booster View - Image by Ravensburger

Disney fans are sure to be happy with the selection of more movies. The focus here is on the films “The Witch and the Wizard” and “Snow White.” The wizard Merlin appears in different forms and brings with him various effects when playing and exiting the game, for example. B. Collect legend points or drawing cards. In collaboration with Madame Mim, who returns characters to her hand when played, some powerful combos can be achieved.

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The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White are included in the second starter set. They also develop their full power when displayed together if possible. Unfortunately, the “Snow White (Unexpected Guest)” card, which when played reduces the dwarves' ink cost by one ink, is missing.

The ink slowly starts to shine

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game: Rise of the Flood Forms - Enhanced for More Fun - Photography by Ravensburger

Although the two starting sets of Rise of the Flood Forms turned out to be quite balanced, they again only serve as a fix for Disney Lorcana. The essence of a TCG is building a deck and experimenting with different strategies and card combinations. With 225 new cards and approximately 560 total cards, there are many possibilities to design and improve your deck. In order to get this variety, you'll have to dig deep into your pockets if you go the official route via starter and booster sets.

Yes, it has become more attractive!

However, it unfolded Disney Lorcana With the increasing rise in flood numbers and the increasing number of cards, it has also become more attractive and can finally convince me as a board game player in a fun way. It's fun to assemble your own deck from a deck of cards, and hopefully the plan you've come up with will work. There is now enough inspiration for decks online. Objectively, it also picks you up. At least for me at least since the Seven Dwarves, who complement each other and together with Snow White are a powerful combination that punches Merlin in the magical belly.Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game: Rise of the Flood Figures - Material - Photography by Raffensperger

The fact that, at almost 50 years old, I'm no longer familiar with Walt Disney movies is…a gift. When I get really bored at some point, I catch up on everything on the couch on a rainy afternoon. At the latest when the grandchildren fall unexpectedly from the sky. Until then, I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of Cap, Capper, Big Mama, Boomer, and Amos Slade from my favorite Disney movie to find their way to Lorcana.

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