December 2, 2023


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Revolutionary Technology: This Makes Soldiers Invisible

Thanks to the new camouflage technology, soldiers can become almost invisible. What is all this about?

© Peter Macdiaarmid @ Getty Images

New camouflage technology makes soldiers invisible

The Israeli Ministry of Defense with the company Polaris Solutions New Camouflage Technology group 300 in which soldiers are camouflaged.

Hidden from the human eye and viewing devices

Such as Jerusalem Post I mentioned, exists group 300 Made of optical heat masking materials, metals combine with microfibers and polymers.

As a result, soldiers can be seen much worse with the human eye or with thermal vision devices. Gal Harari from the Israeli Ministry of Defense says about the impact of group 300 opposite the gate jeans:

If someone looked at them from a distance with binoculars, they would not see any soldiers.

Perfect camouflage cloth

Specifically, this new technology presents itself as a type of fabric that can be folded into a compact package and weighs 500 grams. The IDF conducted tests with him and is now presumed to be ordering this new technology, as evidenced by the website Ynet He can read.

Soldiers can group 300 They slide and then look like stone formations, which can no longer be seen in rocky landscapes. Alternatively, other camouflage patterns can also be delivered.

Founding Partner of Polaris SolutionsTo develop this camouflage technique, Assaf Picciotto used his own experience as a member of a special unit in the Israeli army.

Polaris Solutions works loud Media LineI worked with Special Forces in Canada and the United States to introduce this technology in North America.

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