May 27, 2024


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Review: “World of WarCraft – Ramble through Azeroth: Northrend”

Review: “World of WarCraft – Ramble through Azeroth: Northrend”

The next Azerbaijani guide has arrived on our table.

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The frosty expanses of northern Bergen keep their secrets for a long time! Mysterious, beautiful, and unforgiving, the continent of Northrend is steeped in history, tragedies, intrigue, and victorious triumphs. Join Highthan Muradin Bronzebeard, co-founder of the League of Explorers, and his brothers Bran and Magni, Speakers of Azeroth, on their journey through the untamed wilds of the Northrend! From the Icecrown Castle to the Crystalsong Forest and the frigid valleys of Dragonblight to the Heirs of Frost atop the Storm Peaks, Azeroth Journey: Northrend invites you on an unforgettable journey through the most amazing worlds of Azeroth!


The guides for traveling through the world of Azeroth continue, and now the next volume is available with Northrend. As before, this one is back in a gentlemanly hardcover format, accompanied by drawn images that are mostly on the right, while text is on the left. The images are kept in black and white, but they certainly evoke associations with the game.

In fact, this review could still be somewhat short. Because if you know about the other folders, you’ll get more of them here. So this time we accompany the Bronzebeard brothers on their journey and all regions of Northrend will be examined one by one. If you know World of WarCraft, you will of course also know the marks on the game map and they can also be found 1:1 here in the book.

The story isn’t new to the die-hard fans either. This describes what happened in those before and during the Lich King’s expansion. For everyone who was there, it is also a souvenir trip. Although this is not entirely true, because strictly speaking, the description of the place goes one step further.

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The travel guide is updated with the Shadowlands expansion, in other words: the undead are currently without direction, and the Frost Throne is an orphan. These conditions are also taken into account here and you can see how the Northern Continent is currently doing. However, whether hints of the future are hidden here can, of course, be questioned.

One could also complain about the fact that some texts are too short. But there are few reports of some places. However, reading this book is very fast and you are “passing” after a short time. On the one hand, this is not at all the point of the folder, because here the well-known places are simply visited again.