May 20, 2024


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Review: “Twilight Imperium – Empire Fallen”

The second book about the board game in our review.

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The secret to galactic domination is hidden on a planet far, far away, and interplanetary forces will do anything to unlock it. The second volume, after Broken Void, of the epic space opera set in the world of the popular board game Twilight Imperium. Bianca Xing has spent her life on a provincial planet dreaming of interstellar travel. When her planet is annexed by the Barony of Letnev, Bianca is captured and learns she is something special – the secret daughter of a brilliant scientist, hidden on a distant planet for her own safety. But the truth about Bianca is even stranger. Their genetic code holds secrets that have the power to change the galaxy. Driven by incomprehensible longing and chaperoned by the terrifying Captain Letnev Dampier, Bianca must follow her destiny to the very end, even as it takes her to places best left forgotten.


The first novel about Twilight Imperium was really good – the second, fortunately, is in no way inferior. The story was again penned by Tim Pratt, who also wrote its predecessor. As a result, there is also a reunion with Severyne, also known from that person. Where the good girl gambled some points of sympathy in the course of the story and continued to prove herself narrow-minded. But first things first.

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The plot itself revolves around the girl Bianca, who lives on a hillbilly planet and is drawn to the stars. Then comes the revelation that she is a princess, who is fine with it, and the journey begins…

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It would almost be a crime to reveal more about the plot at this point, because everyone has to experience it for themselves. The heroine Bianca (or Bee) is so likable that after just a few pages you can reach out to her and understand her motives. This level can be maintained until the end, although perhaps some developments can be predicted. But as the character develops, the story also unfolds in a certain way and is really engaging.

The crew around Heuvelt, who are also introduced at the same time, are a bit annoying. It soon becomes apparent that the two heroes will eventually meet, though said crew tends to have fewer chapters than Bee himself. Unfortunately, Bee’s story is much more interesting and Heuvelt was built too small to really catch. Unfortunately, in the beginning you’re often pulled out of the story in a rather annoying way, especially since said crew’s characterizations have to take second place to Bee until the end and an introduction at the first meeting might suffice. On the other hand, you know how things go when you meet them.

Also interesting are the little arguments between Sev and Bee. The only thing that can be said here is that Sev may have learned a little from the first volume, but readers who don’t know that will be less bothered by it anyway. Bees Sehnsucht’s mysterious goal hunt turns out to be exciting and mysterious enough to make you want to stay on the ball. There is little action or much interaction. The novel manages to remain interesting enough from the “voyage of discovery” alone, which can also be attributed to the well-developed world of Twilight Imperium.

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You can only complain at the end, because here it also happens a bit fast in places, even if it’s not as fast as usual. A quick look at Saif’s further career, for example, would be very interesting here. However, you have to admit that the end does not come suddenly but can be considered quite acceptable. Let’s see if the well-known characters reappear in a potential sequel.