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Review: “The Witcher – A Grain of Truth”

Review: “The Witcher – A Grain of Truth”

Geralt is back! Let’s see which monster is in the comic list today.

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Anya has been a central figure in Buffy’s life since her arrival in Sunnydale, but there’s more to the Devil’s mission and mysterious past than anyone knows! It all starts with her secret relationship with the Guardian Council and… the Slayer’s first full appearance came before Buffy?! And the truth behind Anya connects Buffy(s) — yes, plural, in ways no one ever knew. PLUS: Learn the secret truth behind the killer known as Faith and where she came from… It’s not what you think it is!


A Grain of Truth is the upcoming Witcher comic. In terms of drawing technology, it has remained almost at the same level as other comics. So everything looks more angular and darker, which of course also accentuates the dark atmosphere of the template. After all, characters’ faces can still show emotion, and you can basically quickly get used to the style again.

As far as story is concerned, the comic volume is very thin, as it only deals with a short story from Geralt’s first volumes. It has since been introduced into the series (in the first episode of the second season), albeit slightly modified. So he is already known and therefore in the “last incarnation”.

Basically, it is about a man turned into a monster who lives with a woman who is also a monster. or in this case bruxa. As in the form, the Witcher’s core questions also appear here: Who is the real monster? Brooks, human or mutant beast? The Witcher universe is notable for the fact that monsters aren’t necessarily always the bad guys, and Geralt gets along really well with Nivelle here.

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Very well, like in the original script, you really empathize with the guy and, above all else, get the message of love in the end. Character development is done in the few pages here, which is very successful. Of course, Geralt is a bit more experienced here and not only kills randomly, but also listens to the monster’s side.

Of course, there is also a certain tragedy in this story, even if it is borrowed from the classic Romeo and Juliet. However, this all works very well in context.