November 30, 2023


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Review: “Superman – Action Comics 5: Superman Returns”

Review: “Superman – Action Comics 5: Superman Returns”

Superman’s return to Earth is celebrated here in a very thick tome. lets take alook.

Contents (fuss)

After freeing Warworld from the tyranny of the tyrant Mongul, Superman returns to Earth! There is a new Superman in his absence, his son John Kent. Now new deadly dangers await the Man of Tomorrow, for example in the form of the New Gods, including the cruel executioner DeSaad from the hell planet Apokolips and Darkseid’s son Kalibak… In addition, Superman’s arch-enemy Lex Luthor is hatching a plan that will turn the world of steel upside down completely!


A new Superman volume, which is very thick this time and focuses on the return of Steeler after the Warworld saga (remember?). There is no big story to tell here, but rather smaller stories of the Man of Steel’s life. As a result, there are many artists responsible for the graphics and therefore the quality of the graphics also varies. There’s a slightly washed-out style, or a style that’s a bit reminiscent of old comics or animated series. Every now and then there are graphics that correspond to the normal level. Well, that’s actually relative, and if I’m honest, all the graphics look good. Sometimes it can be really dark in dark scenes, but overall you can’t complain.

As mentioned earlier, this time there are smaller snippets to be seen rather than a large plot – a useful break from learning steel. Because some everyday problems are also addressed here. What’s it like to be Superman (or his son)? Not only are family values ​​like mutual aid upheld, but so are John’s insecurities, for example when he wants to tell his father that he is gay (which, by the way, was an important decision by the authors and is rather appropriate). . The problems with Warworld’s immigrants are also briefly discussed, but tend to fade into the background as the film progresses.

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Of course, John, just like the son, also believes in the good in people and visits imprisoned villains to get closer to them through conversation. Not only do the super family and their friends get enough space, but the villains are also given some aspects here, which is very successful. You’ll also learn more about the motivations of Metallo, who seems genuinely human here, but ultimately can’t escape his role as a villain.

Lex Luthor is also involved again and ultimately proves to be the mastermind behind all the complications affecting the Man of Steel and his family. Here, especially towards the end, the imaginary gland is pressed and this is rather fitting for the big bad. As a treat for fans, in addition to appearances by Supergirl and the Justice League – and some other famous heroes – there are also flashbacks from earlier times. When Superman catches a falling car or John recreates the famous scene from the cover of Suppie’s first comic, fans’ hearts beat faster.

Of course, with all the lovely character scenes, the action shouldn’t be missing, which is used very discreetly here. For example, the new gods come to get Ra’s osul or a small monster appears and is quickly eaten. These scenes are limited and work well because they are just a decorative accessory and don’t even try to carry the main plot. So a successful size in all respects?

Almost, because eventually development begins that undoes much of what was previously built. There should be some spoilers here, because Lex manages to erase Clark’s secret identity from the minds of the world’s population (much like Peter Parker did in the competition). I hope this change is only temporary – and the fact that everyone who finds out dies gives me hope in that direction. Because I actually found it to be one of the best tricks in recent times to let Clark be “himself” and bury all the secrecy.

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We’ll see how the future unfolds for our hero here.