April 23, 2024


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Review: “Star Wars 89 – Darth Vader: Crimson Reign 3”

Review: “Star Wars 89 – Darth Vader: Crimson Reign 3”

Continuation of Vader’s story.

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In anticipation of a desert storm on Tatooine, in a nutshell Obi-Wan Kenobi his previous life. And in the second part of the new comic adventure series, a very special stage of life is also highlighted, this time from Kenobi’s time in the Padawan on the side. Qui-Gon Jinns. W: Next part Darth Vader Syndicate fight Crimson Dawn


Issue 89 brings us two stories again, one about Obi-Wan and then a continuation of Vader’s story. In terms of drawing, we keep moving at the usual good level, as even Vader himself believes in the emotions behind the mask. They didn’t skimp on the fight scenes either, although they were rare here.

Story-wise, Obi-Wan’s story is once again left out. There is no continuation of the story of his childhood friend, which is unfortunate on the one hand, but also conflicted by the fact that he never saw her again, as explained in the last volume.

Instead, it goes back to Qui-Gon’s early years, where Obi-Wan and his master end up on a planet where a being walks in the dark and kills people. What looks like “Alien” at first has one new face or another, even if I vaguely think I’ve read a similar story before.

In any case, the game with waning darkness is very successful, if not great. Basically, it’s mostly a standard task for both, which doesn’t bring much new.

Vader’s story is a little better, since Sabé isn’t killed by the Black Lord but talks to him about Anakin and that he really wants to free the slaves. And with that, she seems to reach him. On One Planet, there’s a meeting with two old acquaintances that hardcore fans in particular should know about. But don’t worry, the pages of the magazine will shed light on the boys’ past friendship with Anakin Skywalker.

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The question, of course, is whether Sabé is playing an honest game here, or if Vader is just hunting down Imperial targets. However, for now, the alliance between the two seems to be stable and after this story it leaves you wanting more.