February 28, 2024


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Review: “Star Wars 102 – Yoda/Darth Vader”

Review: “Star Wars 102 – Yoda/Darth Vader”

Volume 102 of the monthly series – How could it be otherwise? We also take a closer look at this.

Contents (fuss)

Prominent appearance in Darth Vader-Comedy series: doctor Aphra He gives himself the honor the Dark Lord asks Larger Archaeologist Galaxy to help. He has control over that power Lost, and only Aphra knows what could tame his path to destruction! And: a continuation Clone Wars– The Adventure of Mr. Yoda.


With issue 102, the stories that began will continue, who would have expected, with the volume once again split between Yoda and Vader. In terms of graphics, you can't complain, although the Vader part is at least a little ahead here. In Yoda's story, Anakin sometimes doesn't look like the boy we know at all (or in other words: the resemblance to his acting counterpart leaves something to be desired). With Vader, of course, we only have the armor and no actor as a model, but characters like Aphra in particular look more alive here. However, the level of detail in both stories is also high in the action scenes and leaves nothing to be desired.

Star Wars 102 cover (Paninishop.de)

As for the plot itself, Vader's story had the best results this time around. Who doesn't realize that Yoda and Anakin are destroying a massive droid factory, especially since we never hear about the parts again? And that's exactly what happens, which is why Yoda's story follows predictable paths and is just a run-of-the-mill plot that doesn't contribute much to the overall picture of the Clone Wars. After two decades, it may be difficult to introduce new aspects here, but that does not change the weak history.

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Only the exchange of blows between Anakin and Yoda is still interesting here in places, but in the end that's not enough. But the Vader part can boast a top-notch guest actress in Chelli Aphra, who is forced to serve Vader once again here. It's very funny and appropriately executed, especially when Chili just wants to talk her way out of it, like Han Solo did. It's All Right: The interaction between Vader. Aphra and Uchi are also residents. In a mockery of Indiana Jones, he can also stumble upon a few archaeological traps. Perfectly done.

Vader then receives a sort of sewer shield (for energy, not sewer, of course). In general, this time his “staff” no longer looked quite as artificial as in the previous version, as there were complaints that it was too strong and smelled like Deus Ex-Machina. It will be interesting to see what happens next.