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Review |  Review of the board game The Choice

Review | Review of the board game The Choice

At the beginning of 2023, new publisher KENDi Games was founded from the former NSV team. The publisher’s focus is on games with short, simple rules and easy gameplay. Author Reinhard Stube has already contributed three of the five publishing games to the publishing programme.

the choice It’s a fast, abstract, roll-and-write family game.

Bjorn Schwarzmüller

Game description

First, each player gets a double-sided court. The borders are colored fields, while the inner fields contain numbers. Now I roll three dice, each side showing a color and a number. I then have to use all three dice, and I can decide whether I want to use a color or a number by making the corresponding choice on my playing field. It is important to note that the colors chosen should be adjacent. However, if I use numbers, I can add the dice values ​​together as needed or use them as individual values. Important, the numbers must be adjacent and crossed out as a path without intersections. If I want or can use fewer than three dice or if other players want or can use fewer than two dice, the error must be checked.

After three missed shots, you score a forehand goal and then continue playing at the back. This means that it is possible for some players to continue playing up front while others play at the back.

The game ends for everyone as soon as someone crosses out three missed shots on both sides or crosses out all the color and number fields on the second side. The number of color fields and intersecting numbers is counted. This is how you get an example. For example, 1 point for a cross number field, if you complete all 13 fields, would be 36 points.

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Author: Reinhard Staub Illustrations: Oliver Freudenreich
Publisher: KENDi Games ■ Release year: 2023


2-4 players


From 8 years


About 20 minutes

Game rules (additional link to kendi games)

Gaming feeling

In fact, rules the choice You learned very quickly and you can start playing right away. Groups or families who don’t play often will find it easy to fit in and have fun here.

the choice There is an element of luck if the dice don’t land correctly, even if the rules allow re-rolling the dice, but that shouldn’t detract from the fun of the game. The game trick to turn the tide is not explained to all players intuitively.

It leaves a nice feeling of playing.


The KENDi publishing house’s philosophy, simple rules and fast games are included the choice Very good and quite high. The material is fun and provides a lot of fun for this little box.

This won’t put off frequent players or experienced family players, but it still makes sense to think a little when it comes to drawing the perfect line between the numbers. Simple, fast and calm, because victory is certain only in the end. Really simple and beautiful.

  • Grammar booklet in multiple languages ​​and with very good examples
  • I learned and played quickly
  • Beautiful, though abstract
  • The game card roles do not work well for all players

From my point of view as a player: the choice He doesn’t have the ability to keep regular players happy for long, if at all. In our circle of family and friends there was never any desire to play a rematch straight after that, but I still gave it up. the choice Don’t go out yet. Because they are just nice, cute things that can last longer.

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