April 18, 2024


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Review: politicization through immigration

Review: politicization through immigration

DrMigration policy has been one of the most controversial and complex topics in German and international politics since 2015 at the latest. But although there is a rich literature on the subject in German-speaking countries, there has not yet been any compact scientific work that would present the phenomenon of international population migration in its social, economic and political scope. The textbook International Migration Policy, now presented by Fulda Professor of Political Science Uwe Hunger and Special Lecturer Stefan Rother, who teaches at the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute in Freiburg, fills an important gap in this regard.

In their introductory work, the authors bring together a part of the social sciences, in which various migration theories are presented, with an analysis of migration systems, causes of movement, control strategies, and specific challenges in the areas of integration, democracy and gender, which are appropriate for migrants and target countries to surrender. Hunger and Rother differentiate between different types of migration such as flight and displacement due to state oppression, as well as labor and economic migration, and point out that “mixed migration”, i.e. a combination of economic, social, private and political motives, has become the most common cause of migration. In addition, several government immigration systems such as the offer-oriented points system preferred by Australia and Canada are analyzed and the advantages and disadvantages of relevant immigration laws are elaborated. At the same time, we do not forget to study the loss of important human capital, which is especially experienced by the countries of origin of the “Global South” due to the migration of highly skilled and well-trained workers to countries in the region. Global North. However, through remittances from these immigrants to their families in their home countries, they can also benefit in the long run.

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