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Review of Sophie Dervaux – Vivaldi: Bassoon Concerto |  Concerti.de

Review of Sophie Dervaux – Vivaldi: Bassoon Concerto | Concerti.de

Rarely did Antonio Vivaldi play his bassoon concerto with Sophie Dervaux and the Baroque La Folia Orchestra, which sounds graceful and fresh.

It's always worth taking a look beyond The Four Seasons with Antonio Vivaldi. Anyway, soloist Sophie Dervaux is busy advertising, in two ways: for Vivaldi's Bassoon Concerto, which is seen as somewhat obscure, and for herself. The six works presented here live from the freshness of the performance, from the agility of the movements in the fast movements and from the musicality and intellectual depth in the slow passages that make it easy to listen to this recording twice in a row. The La Folia Baroque Orchestra also makes a decisive contribution to the success, supporting each tone with every accent and giving the elegiac passages great thought. Orchestra and soloist are in constant and extensive exchange. A representative example of this is the “La Notte” concerto, which is the only one on this album that contains four movements and a kaleidoscope of different forms of expression.

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Sophie Dervaux

Sophie Dervaux

Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos C major RV 473 and RV 474, A minor RV 497, D minor RV 481, E minor RV 484 and B major RV 501 “La Notte”

Sophie Dervaux (bassoon), La Folia Baroque Orchestra
Berlin classics

The members of La Folia Baroque Orchestra were already aware in the year of their foundation in 2007 that they could achieve their common musical goal only through spontaneity and intuitive work within the ensemble. The success story of the Original Sound Orchestra began without… further

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