April 15, 2024


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Review of Rudolf Buchbinder – Brahms/Rieger: Songs

Review of Rudolf Buchbinder – Brahms/Rieger: Songs

With Brahms songs arranged for solo piano by Max Reger, Rudolf Buchbinder has discovered a hitherto unnoticed treasure.

In two stages of the work, Max Reger arranged fourteen songs for piano by Johannes Brahms, whom he admired – a collection that has never been fully recognised. Rudolf Buchbinder, who has now discovered this “treasure,” is similarly elated. The “journey into the inner world” he had in mind, and which he recognizes in these arrangements, can now be understood by listening. On “An die Nachtigall,” Buchbinder succeeds in harmonizing delicate, bell-like vocals and resonant bass notes. “Lullaby” doesn't seem to be steeped in kitsch either, but is like a gem in tonality. In contrast, the beginning of “Auf dem Kirchhofe” sounds dramatic, but not overly orchestral, because a little later Buchbinder clearly highlights the meditative element. A joyful, natural and sad mixture that ends with the girl's song.

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Rudolf Buchbinder

Rudolf Buchbinder

Brahms/Rieger: Songs

Rudolf Buchbinder (piano)
German gramophone

Perhaps because his interpretations no longer require any discussion. In any case, colleagues, critics and listeners have been racking their brains for years over how an artist like Rudolf Buchbinder could manage a training load of around three… More

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