May 21, 2024


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Review of Felix Krieger – Donizetti: Dalinda

Review of Felix Krieger – Donizetti: Dalinda

The premiere of a censored version of “Lucrezia Borgia” took place at the Konzerthaus Berlin in 2023. And how! After “Iris,” the Berlin Opera once again gave a generally bravura performance – which suited the piece and score wonderfully – with little vocal overpressure and excess verve. The plot of Dalinda's poison combined with incestuous attraction towards her son is heightened all the more wonderfully by the change of location to the Franconian Muslim unrest area of ​​Tripoli. Paolo Bordonna, fueled by Felix Krieger, is noble, Luciano Janchi a little warm, and Lydia Friedman with a dark soprano to a lush drama, which wonderfully controls, attacks and overcomes Donizetti's frenetic vocal impulses without endangering his condition. Precision, verve and joy in making music: a Donizetti celebration of reckless desire and stylistic competence.

© Berliner Operngruppe/Deauville Cermucas

Felix Krieger directs the premiere of “Dalinda” by director Gaetano Donizetti at the Konzerthaus Berlin

Donizetti: Dalinda

Lydia Friedman (Dalinda), Luciano Janschi (Ildemaro), Paolo Bordugna (Amit), Yaji Zhang (Ugo d'Asti), David Oestrick (Corpuga), Berlin Opera Group Chorus and Orchestra, Felix Krieger (conductor)

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