March 3, 2024


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Review of Cremerata Baltica – Songs of Destiny |

Review of Cremerata Baltica – Songs of Destiny |

Kremerata Baltica illuminates mostly free-pitched works by Baltic composers with a dense, substantial sound.

An exceptionally high-quality, powerful listening experience. This also arises from the historical developments and traumatic experiences in which the compositional richness has its roots. The selection of works that were not popular in the Soviet Union and new Baltic creations is of timeless beauty and great urgency, but it is restrained. The younger generation of Baltic composers shows a creative inclination towards the spiritual, which here becomes a dense and substantial sound through Kremerata Baltica, founded 26 years ago. Free-toned works often leave an impression precisely because not every chord is charged with worrying, fundamental gestures. The melodically accentuated sound and delicate, almost floating movements arise from a very graceful and modest way of thinking that could previously have been described as modesty.

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Baltic Cremerata

Baltic Cremerata

Destiny songs
Works by Cirxnet, Koprivicius, Weinberg and Janicevskis

Vida Micknevitsi (soprano), Kremerata Baltica, Gidon Kremer (conductor)
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