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Review: Mother and daughter in decisive terms

Review: Mother and daughter in decisive terms

Pink cover with a blue butterfly on it, with the title: “Darling Rose Gold”. You’d think writer Stephanie and Ruble shed a romantic tear. What is the heart without pain. But a puff cake. Between these book covers, things start to function, nothing with Eiapopeia, body parts fly off, even if everything is kept well under the cover, it boils hard. Finally, the butterfly on the cover of the book is no longer alive, but the one that has been streaked with needles. Well that would be fun!

It’s one of those 408-page stories told in America in 2017, with this theme: Behind the scenes things are worse than you think. There is an evil psychological drama, albeit subtle, at its best. Mother Patty, who was just released from prison, her daughter Rose Gold, in her early twenties and a young mother, and her child Adam is at home in the Sick Home, which has become a family theater of war with Stephanie and Rubell. Rose Gold picked her mother out of prison and offered to stay with her for the time being.

Weird, because Patti was convicted of child abuse. She convinced her daughter that she was seriously ill and thus had to sit in a wheelchair and not be allowed to go to school. But Rose Gold did not suffer at all, her mother gradually poisoned her. Classic Munchausen Agent Syndrome. So now, years later, they’re all forgiven and forgotten? A new beginning? Or is everything completely different?

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First, it turns slowly pie

It starts well with the fact that Rose Gold has bought her mother’s parents’ house – a place of horror for Patty, because her dad has made everyone’s life in Hell. What goes on in this strange house is more like the atmosphere of a lion’s barn where two big cats watch each other.

The mother and daughter always tell the amazing story by turns, the daughter is in the flashbacks, and the mother is mainly responsible for the present. Then the carousel rotates, slowly at first, then more brutal. The tale follows the tale, and it is almost unbelievable to appear. “The novice shouldn’t be challenging the teacher. Mother Patty once says,“ She can’t win this game. ”Really no? Writer Stephanie and Rubell live in the UK but grew up in Chicago, USA. According to the false propaganda, she worked as an author Texts after completing studies before presenting her first novel, Darling Rose Gold.

Stephanie and Ruble: Rose Gold sweetheart. List Verlag, Berlin, 2021, 19,99 Euro