June 23, 2024


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Review: “Fuzzy Frits 5 – When the Bunny Knocks Twice”

Review: “Fuzzy Frits 5 – When the Bunny Knocks Twice”

In our review we take a look at the following Fazbear Frights novel.

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Bob’s years of frustration culminate in a harrowing vacation with his family, during which he plots a sinister prank on his wife and children. Matt focuses his anger on all the failed relationships into a video game and faces the terrible consequences. In Room 1280 of the Heracles Hospital, something sinister is keeping a man with horrible burns all over his body and an iron will to live.


Meanwhile, the fifth volume of short stories again collects stories from “Five Nights…”, this time four in number. What was already evident in the previous volumes was that the volumes were good, but the stories themselves were somewhat forced to tie into the Five Nights franchise. And the last volume, unfortunately, is no exception. The stories are not so good this time either.

On the one hand, because, as mentioned, they have little to do with Freddy. The very short story at the end, which gives insight into a marionette, is perhaps the exception here, but it is also the shortest and most neglected in terms of plot. But this is clearly an additional story, because there are actually only three main stories represented in the book.

The first story is more likely to convey the feeling of Freddy. Because at a summer camp, the father is being tracked down by an animated bunny character with his name on it. In the process, he learns a few things about himself, which gives at least a little depth to the character. This is fine, but not a real highlight either.

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The second story is about “Freddy’s” programmer who is tasked with creating a VR version… more or less of bringing something into the real world. Here the character is better drawn than in the first story. Because the protagonist is very arrogant here and treats everyone around him badly. She almost wishes the bad thing that happened to him would later land on his neck, though he certainly wasn’t expecting it. Unfortunately it’s also been deprecated here for more of a level of identification (Freddy’s game programmers or the game itself) and here too, the story drifts in a fairly straightforward direction.

The final story in the collection is about a seriously injured man who desperately wants to be taken to Freddys, though this would have worked without Freddys’ imposed reference. Some sisters are against it, but the priest insists. Here the question arises, what is right and wrong and how far can one go to fulfill the last wish of a dying person. However, this is not touched upon in detail here and after half of the story the reader already has an idea of ​​where the journey will lead. Some mysteries are also raised here, which unfortunately are not explained further. You don’t necessarily have to do that in a mystery horror story, but here in particular you’re left a little unsatisfied.

The bottom line is that there are four stories that are OK, but a far cry from the highlights of the previous volumes. Perhaps, as mentioned earlier in my last review, one should have simply put the lid on at this point rather than just continuing to milk the cow.

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