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Review: “Elsa’s Bloodstone – Legacy”

Review: “Elsa’s Bloodstone – Legacy”

Elsa .. who? No, it’s not these funny 80s movies that are intended here, but rather the Marvel heroine. You can find out what is the benefit of her solo version in our review.

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Outspoken monster slayer Elsa Bloodstone isn’t easily swayed, but a shocking discovery in her family leads her down a bloody path in the action-packed, fun Marvel heroine’s adventure. Elsa Bloodstone can’t get enough rest. As soon as you dig up a rat’s nest, a special task force appears – and shoot them! But that’s not a good thing a grenade can’t fix. When Elsa returns home, she finds an unexpected guest who claims to be her long-lost sister who is searching for the stolen bloodstone. Bloodstone is the secret to Elsa’s superpowers, and getting defective into the hands of bad guys is very bad news. This is the beginning of an adventure around the world with many monsters to defeat. But danger is always ahead as Elsa discovers that her sister isn’t quite what she seems and an old enemy with a secret from her family’s past could turn everything Elsa deals upside down.


Elsa Bloodstone should only be known to the most die-hard Marvel fans, because she hasn’t been seen in the MCU and doesn’t have her own comic series either. It’s basically Van Helsing from Marvel. Hunter through and through slaying monsters in the ranks. Her power also comes from the bloodstone around her neck, which is also the main theme in this novel.

True, her past is discussed over and over again, especially with her father. This is basically just scratching the surface. So if you don’t know the lady you will have to look down the tube and you probably won’t be able to set all the background information right away. Fortunately, you don’t have to know all of that to enjoy this novel.

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Because in the beginning, Elsa’s sister appears and the two embark on a quest to recover their fragments. This is a classic MacGuffin hunt at this point that I’ve seen before one way or another. And so every place the sisters spread out is the same: you arrive at your destination and there are already monsters ambushed that you have to fight. Of course, that gets a little boring as a result, but thankfully the story is moved by the characters in that regard.

Because the two sisters have to work together in the course of the story and overcome one prejudice or the other. This works amazingly well and you think the two are getting closer and closer, including one dark secret or the other. It can at least convey that part of the story nicely and distract from any shortcomings.

Fortunately, they didn’t go down the usual hackneyed path here. Because the sudden sister, bastards after something they have? It would therefore make sense to turn said sister into that sister – but fortunately that has been avoided here, so that the novel must be given credit for. However, in contrast, the other flaw in this structure unfortunately emerges towards the end: no one knows the villain (except perhaps those die-hard comic readers) and he appears to be conjured up a bit of a hat at the end. Accordingly, his impulse makes you feel cold and the final battle is nothing but a necessary evil.

This pulls the relatively good book down a bit. Overall, however, it’s still a perfectly round band.

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