February 28, 2024


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Review by Matthias Weil – Zingarissimo

Review by Matthias Weil – Zingarissimo

Hungarian folk music meets classical music with violinist Matthias Weil, cellist Maria Weil, and accordionist Vladislav Kojocaru.

The Well family has a legendary reputation in Bavaria. A number of groups known outside Bavaria emerged from it, such as Biermösl Blosn or Wellküren. Everyone practiced singing and learned many instruments from an early age. Of the baby boomer generation, only Stofferl Weil studied music, and he was as impressive on Bach’s trumpet as he was as a cabaret performer. In the generation of grandchildren, many Welsh people now take a two-pronged approach, combining the classical music they have studied with elements of folk music. These siblings include Maria Weil, the cellist, and Matthias Weil, the violinist, who recorded the CD “Zingarissimo – Brahms and His Love for Hungarian Music” with Vladislav Kojocaru on accordion. Instead of Alpine folk music, it is now Hungarian music, also known as “Gypsy music”, which creates an attractive contrast with the classical elements.

Works by Brahms, Dvorjak, Deineko and Ceres

Matthias Weil (violin), Maria Weil (cello), Vladislav Cojocaru (accordion)

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