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Review by Elsa Dressig – Works by Rita Strohl

Review by Elsa Dressig – Works by Rita Strohl

Rita Strohl composed great songs around 1900. These and the French lady’s melodramas were issued on a successful double album with Elsa Dreisig.

Rediscovering the fin-de-siècle artist: Ravel’s French contemporary Rita Strohl was a pianist and composer. Her songs and melodramas surprise with highly expressive piano parts, rich in color and gesture, sometimes going beyond traditional vocal accompaniment. The lines of the lyrical voice are rhetorical and melodic, transcend operatic clichés, and above all are directly engaging. This repertoire is a real discovery and enrichment of French song. Stroll even wrote “Carmen”, though not as an opera, but as a sparkling song in the rhythm of a sigidilla. The double CD of these audio works, designed in the form of a small book, is a real treasure. The works are performed by artists who do full justice to this music in terms of atmosphere and expression, with a sense of nuance and nuance.

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Elsa Dressig

Elsa Dressig

Rita Stroll – Compound of Underworld

Elsa Dreisig (soprano), Adele Charvet (mezzo-soprano), Stéphane Dejou (baritone), Olivia Dalric (recitation), Celia Oneto Bensaid, Florian Karuppi and Romain Louvu (piano).
La Buit in Pepetes

As the daughter of Danish opera singer Inge Dressig and French singer, conductor and director Gilles Ramad, soprano Elsa Dressig’s artistic career was somewhat predetermined. She was born in Paris in 1991 and visited there at an early age

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