June 18, 2024


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Review by Catharina Conradie and Catriona Morrison – Echoes

Review by Catharina Conradie and Catriona Morrison – Echoes

This hour is a surprise bag of chamber music filled with duets of German and French origins with piano. The bright, powerful voices of soprano Catharina Conradie and brilliant mezzo-soprano Catriona Morrison intertwine and blend wonderfully. On the piano, Emil Buchavitz knows exactly when restraint, deception or seductive flare are in order. The search for special surprise jewelry was very successful. The Schumann and Brahms duets spark new enthusiasm every time you listen to them. French pieces are full of delightful finds of exquisite beauty. It's hard to say which of the songs the two singers feel better about. In any case, this album is a great achievement: a poetic, seductive, and by no means self-evident, splendor that stems from the enthusiasm of the three artists.

© Jeremy Knowles / Simon Polley

Catriona Morrison (left) and Catarina Conradie

Works by Schumann, Brahms, Chausson, Bonis, Gounod, Viardot Garcia and others

Catharina Conradi (soprano), Catriona Morrison (mezzo-soprano), Amiel Puschakewicz (piano)

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