September 27, 2023


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Red Bull Superiocity Revenge – Battle Games in Cities

Red Bull Superiocity Revenge – Battle Games in Cities

© Manuela-Maria Hornemann / Red Bull Content Pool

Jasmine “Geno” Seibel and Kevin “Papablat”

On November 26, 2022, the time has come: As Papaplatte starts off at his new home in Cologne this year, he will meet a new contender from Berlin at Gnu. Supported by 200 players from both cities, they will compete against each other on Fortnite maps in the big showdown of Red Bull Superiocity 2022.

Exciting battles, 400 enthusiastic players and a great atmosphere – such was the balance in the first edition of Red Bull Superiocity 2021. Last year’s Cologne winner Reuenside was confident: “The event was huge. This calls for a rematch!”

© Manuela-Maria Hornemann / Red Bull Content Pool

Sebastian “Ruinside” Meyer, Ammar “Amar” Al Nuaimi, Yasmine “Gno” Seibel, Kevin “Papablatt”

Berlin contender Broadcasting Company Gnu has built a YouTube community of over 1.3 million subscribers and inspires its followers with a variety of game formats. Anticipation is growing: “Red Bull Superiocity is a huge event. The idea of ​​combining competition, community and fun is just perfect. Papaplatte will be settled!” Papaplatte has also been successfully active on YouTube for many years, and his channel now has nearly 630,000 subscribers. When he started working in Berlin last year, he has now moved to his adopted home of Cologne. He, too, is asking himself what is the determining factor for success. “Maybe it’s really up to the city now and I’ll be able to assert myself in the Red Bull Superiocity this year. It’s definitely going to be exciting and I’m really excited for the battle between the two gaming cities of Berlin and Cologne this year.

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Berlin vs. Cologne: Battle of the Toy Cities

For an unparalleled gaming experience, the one-day duel takes place in Germany’s most modern gaming hall. At LVL Berlin, the home base of Gnu and its team, more than 50 high-end gaming stations will surely appear. Papaplatte and his players can also count on the quality and robust equipment of Cologne: with its fantastic infrastructure, Xperion Cologne offers the best conditions for exciting matches. There are also partner stations at both bases, where all players can compete in mini-games throughout the day. The goal, for example in Rocket League, is to earn extra points for your team and town.

Red Bull Zockt 100 – Be there live

For all the fans who can’t be there, the event will be streamed live on Twitch.Red Bull Gambles 100Transfer. The channel has been delighting gamers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with its varied program since 2021. In addition, captains Gnu and Papaplatte broadcast Red Bull Superiocity from their own perspective on their personal Twitch channels.

Red Bull Superiocity at a glance:

• Date: November 26, 2022

• Venue: LVL Berlin and Xperion Cologne


• Participation fee: 5.00 EUR (including gift bag)

• Discipline: Fortnite