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Recognizing fake reviews – this is how it works

In many cases, the purchase decision stands or falls with the reviews on Amazon. So it’s no wonder some manufacturers are looking for ways to keep their product reviews as attractive as possible. Time and time again, there are fake reviews in the online retailer. But how do you recognize these fake Amazon reviews?


The online retailer frequently takes action against fake reviews if they become highly identified. A major manufacturer or other manufacturer has recently taken a hit for not being allowed to list their products on Amazon. Additionally, customer ratings were simplified some time ago in order to have a clearer overall picture and negate individual ratings. But even Amazon can’t filter out all the fake reviews. With a few tips, you can spot fake reviews.

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using the toolaudit“There is a service that wants to help identify fake Amazon ratings. The app checks reviews against 15 different criteria and filters out suspicious actors. You will then get a rating of “Rated”. Reviewers are carefully screened in the first place. For example, it is investigated whether The author was only writing product reviews from one manufacturer or if they had a confirmed purchase at all.

Textual units used by a writer in different assessments are also examined here. The tool also checks if the author has already deleted reviews in the past. This is how you can quickly find products with fake reviews on Amazon:

  1. open that Presentation from ReviewMeta in the browser. Alternatively, the service is also available as a browser add-on.
  2. Enter the Amazon product URL and click on the search field.
  3. In the next step, you will see the “clean” rating of the product as well as the rating listed on Amazon.
  4. In the result, you can see why some reviews are filtered to the overall rating.
Many reviews have been filtered here. Was there a hiss? (screenshot: meta review)

The tool is constantly expanding. If no result is found for your product with the URL from the German Amazon store, search for the article on and use that URL.

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Even without a tool, you can detect one or another fake star rating. The following information is of course not a clear indication that the reviews are fake. However, you may be able to filter out one or two suspicious reviews from this:

  • mostly written Many fake profile reviews. You can see directly on Amazon the reviews written by the author. You’ll find a fairly large number of good reviews here too in the shortest time Created, a person may not act in his own interest, but on behalf of others.
  • Even if the user Only products from a specific provider Or it is only categorized in one category, the result is likely to be fraudulent.
  • Take a closer look at it writing style. Especially with longer product names, it seems unnatural if the entire name is spelled out over and over again.
  • In general, you should be severe promotional language style Be skeptical.
  • Check it out too 1 and 5 star ratings ratio. If a product is rated poorly in 90% of cases, it looks fishy when other customers suddenly feel completely satisfied with it.
  • Look at the names of the reviewers. If there are many suspicious users with names from a particular language area among the authors, this may also be a product with fake comments.
  • too long and Detailed descriptions It could be an indication that the rating is bogus, especially if the comment exceeds the normal rating.
  • the banner”Verified PurchaseIndicates that the product was purchased by the reviewer through Amazon. This may be an indication that the review is honest. However, manufacturers have also found ways to use this code for themselves.
  • Don’t just rely on Amazon reviews, but also use other sources for your evaluation. In GIGA, for example, you will find a lot of advice on buying products in different categories, written by TECH experts.

Another tip to find out if a product is really as good as described: Don’t just look at the five star ratings, but also read the four star reviews and of course take more of a worse opinion look. If you buy reviews, you naturally want to get the best rating. Honest reviewers may not be thrilled with a product.

Is false reviews a criminal offense?

On Facebook or on other platforms, you may come across providers of your own where you can supposedly write reviews and make money with them. It is best to keep your hands away from it. Amazon’s algorithm is constantly improving in this regard and recognizes abnormal reviews. If you notice abnormal review behavior, your authorization to write new reviews can be withdrawn or your Amazon account can be completely banned. Sell ​​Reviews illegal And as a writer you can also act in a criminal area he goes.

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