For movies in the “Prime Video” app on your Fire TV or smartphone, you will find the star rating with average ratings on the detail page. The stars consist of the movie reviews on Amazon. Can I submit my own ratings for movies I’ve watched on my Fire TV?

Star information often helps other users decide whether or not to watch a movie. You can help other users with your own opinion.

Can you rate movies in the Prime Video app on Fire TV, Smartphone & Co.?

Although you can watch movie ratings in the Prime Video app on a Fire TV, you can’t give your star rating on a TV stick. This also does not work in the Prime Video app on a smartphone or tablet. Amazon could get better here, after all, it’s possible, for example, for a Kindle reader to award stars to e-books after they’ve read them. If you have watched a movie on your Fire TV, you should take a turn to rate it. So you have to Watch the history of Prime In your Amazon account in the browser:

  1. Sign up to get it Amazon in the browser a.
  2. Hover the mouse pointer overArithmetic“.
  3. Section opensmy video“.
  4. Press the gear in the upper right corner and call Settings on me.
  5. Here you summon the knightplayback record” on me.
  6. Now you are watching movies The one you saw last You have. Find the title you want to rate.
  7. You get to the movie’s detail page, where the star rating is displayed at the top left. Writes On the number in parenthesesTo see the ratings or scroll down a bit.
  8. Now you can selectRate this videoSelect – select.
  9. You get to the review page. Show off at the top How many stars are in the movie? Worth it in your opinion. This information is used for the overall star rating on the movie’s page on Amazon Prime.
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In order to be able to rate a movie from “Prime Video”, you must first have watched it in its entirety. If you stop looking in the middle, it just shows the message:

Write a review after watching: We appreciate your feedback. Please come back here when you watch the full video.

You can also enter a title for your review below. In the text field, enter how you liked the movie. However, entering text is not entirely necessary, star rating is already sufficient.

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