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“Rainbow Six Siege” Y9S1.2 update: Shield operator can now destroy barbed wire with two punches / Various bug fixes including Deimo ability bug |  EAA!!

“Rainbow Six Siege” Y9S1.2 update: Shield operator can now destroy barbed wire with two punches / Various bug fixes including Deimo ability bug | EAA!!

Ubisoft released the latest update for Rainbow Six Siege, Y9S1.2, at midnight on April 9th. A patch note containing the changes has been published.

This time, a bug that increased the number of melee attacks required for Shield Operators to break barbed wire has been fixed. Other bugs related to the shield's free appearance function and the abilities of the new operator Deimos have been fixed.


Y9S1.2 “R6S” update patch notes.

The download size for each platform is as follows.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 918.5 MB
  • Steam: 479 MB
  • Xbox One: 0.77 GB
  • Xbox Series
  • PlayStation 4: 1.44 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 929 MB

Bug fixes

the way of playing

  • Fixed: Abseiling was interrupted when using Distance Limit Landing and Walking Backward while moving.
  • FIXED: Fenrir's SASG-12 displays incorrect default location attachment.
  • Fixed: Melee shield attacks require more hits than to destroy barbed wire.
  • FIXED: Using Freelook before restoring shield placement will result in inconsistent shield placement as seen by the player and enemy agent.
  • FIXED: Aruni's Surya Gate no longer stops friendly minions when placed near stairs.
  • FIXED: The camera pans across the player when using Freelook next to a wall and then prone.
  • FIXED: Deimos' DeathMARK icon disappears when Deimos or an enemy agent enters a space that deactivates electronics.
  • FIXED: Freelook breaks when using Freelook multiple times after looking to the right.

Theater format

  • FIXED: In the warehouse on the first floor of the theme park map, Azami's KIBA barrier allows you to gain an unintended line of sight by riding on top of the air hockey table.
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My voice

  • FIXED: Gameplay audio was muted during end-of-round replay, end-of-match, and camera off.

Operator or worker

  • Fixed: Deimo abilities are not displayed correctly on the watch screen after reconnecting to a match.

User experience

  • FIXED: The Uniform View page in the Battle Pass offering menu displays temporary assets for multiple uniform rewards.
  • Fixed: The Tutorial Control Guide menu appears when toggling the target pin in the training map
  • FIXED: After purchasing a Operator Pack, the Operator Album screen does not display correctly unless you exit and re-enter it.
  • Fixed: The Operator image incorrectly appears on the loading screen of a Free For All session.
  • FIXED: Deimos' DeathMARK Probe and Laser do not display the team color you set.
  • FIXED: Player's Guide content does not load correctly when using scroll bars.
  • Fixed: Camera shake is larger than intended when starting tagging
  • Title: Rainbow Six Siege
  • Release date: December 10, 2015
  • Target models: PS5, PS4, Xbox Seriessteam)

Logicool J

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source: R6S official

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