August 19, 2022


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QD-OLED: Samsung takes a stand on technology issues

Samsung OLED TV S95B is available in 55 and 65 inch sizes

There are currently lively discussions about the quality of Samsung’s QD OLED displays. Now the manufacturer itself has commented on the controversy.

Why? Among other things, it was Colleagues from Heise Witness the glaring quality flaws of QD-OLEDs, which go back to basics. QD-OLED’s special pixel structure creates color margins on sharp edges. This was found in a test of the first QD OLED display AW3423DW. Hard verdict: The technology is currently “disabled”.

Pixel structure with advantages and disadvantages

The issues are also likely to affect corresponding QD OLED TVs, which has made many potential buyers wary. Now Samsung Display has taken a stand. Its pixel structure has been chosen to improve color rendering and HDR rendering. This also benefits longevity. There are also no compromises in detail reproduction and it’s a true red, green, and blue sub-pixel architecture. So you can’t compare this to a pentagonal structure.

Here you can see the color fraying problem with QD-OLED.
Here you can see the color fraying problem with QD-OLED. | Photo: Mark Mantell / Hayes

According to the Samsung Display, under some scenarios, criticized color fringes also appear on displays with a traditional pixel structure. However, this effect can be intensified on QD-OLED due to the high contrast and wide color space. In plain language, Samsung Display transforms it so that the problem is of a more general nature and only catches the eye due to the high display quality of the QD-OLED.

Not seeing the Samsung screen is a real problem

According to Samsung Display, the complained effect is not visible in most scenarios with common benches and distances. So you don’t see a glaring problem here that needs solving. However, many potential buyers would certainly prefer to wait for more independent testing, which would rank the severity of the color space problem in greater depth.

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