May 19, 2022


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Improving Academic Performance – The latest technology and effective learning methods for the best possible learning outcomes, MindTecStore Europe, press release

Effective Learning: Thanks to the latest technologies and successful learning methods

When studying, students should use their memory to memorize ideas, concepts, and materials for test day. Rather than memorizing information faster, students should learn to use their memory more effectively while studying.

Effective learning methods are particularly useful for this. However, pupils and students have recently been able to rely on new technology, which means enhanced learning. These two pillars represent a successful learning suite, which will be examined in more detail below.

Learning Pillar 1: Forbrain – Neuroscience Findings for Accelerated Learning Success

In addition to the use of effective learning methods, the use of the innovative learning device “Forbrain” stimulates the brain’s natural learning and memory potential and enhances self-confidence.

The innovative learning device uses the power of sound to increase learning ability. The brain can process and store information more easily and effectively when multiple sensory impulses are sent simultaneously. This science-based process is used in Forbrain – the audio feedback loop.

How Forbrain Works – Audio Feedback Loop – By wearing a headset, the Forbrain headset, the device modifies the pitch of the audio using a dynamic filter. This revolutionary technology analyzes and enhances sound, amplifying frequencies and tempo. The headphones instantly transmit sounds back to the user via bone conduction across the temporal bones, training and strengthening the auditory feedback loop in the brain.

Enhanced for coursework, test scores, and extracurricular activities.

Learning Corner 2: Effective Memorization Techniques

In addition to the use of neuroscience techniques, the use of effective learning methods is of critical importance and eliminates the innovative learning suite to improve learning success. A small selection of successful learning methods gives students a quick and easy start to learning these methodologies.

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Division – little by little Have you ever noticed how easy it is to remember strings of information when you organize them into smaller groups? Maybe you did it when you need to remember someone’s phone number or a specific date.

This is a memorization technique called splitting that can be used to help with exam review and memorization.

When used in conjunction with the innovative Forbrain headset, students can repeat these pieces in small, manageable portions until they stick.

mind maps – memory map – It is an effective exam review technique that can help bridge memory gaps, especially under stress.

A defined subject area is presented visually in the form of a tree diagram (large branches and their ramifications). It uses the brain’s ability to form categories. All free links/ideas are collected and categorized here in a tree diagram. This helps the brain to store information faster and easier.

Students can also add colors and illustrations to take their study skills to the next level and improve their memory.

tell stories – When we read or hear a story, several areas of our brains light up, our body releases a series of positive emotions, and we feel as though we are going through the same experience as the one in the story.

If we turn the educational material into a story, the learning content becomes realistic and associated with many associations, so that the learning content can be retained more quickly and easily.

Successful Learning Conglomerate: Neuroscience Technology and Good Learning Techniques

So how can students use it? By utilizing the two pillars of learning – the latest technology and effective learning methods – pupils and students have powerful tools at hand to dramatically improve learning success, spark learning pleasure, reduce stress factors, and strengthen self-confidence.

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You can find more information about the Forbrain headset here. It is available from MindTecStore.
MindTecStore is an online store for the latest technologies to improve mental and physical health.