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Puzzles added to iOS 17.5 beta are very annoying |

Puzzles added to iOS 17.5 beta are very annoying |

English word puzzles are so difficult that native speakers throw them around with spoons.

iOS 17.5 beta version,The original Apple puzzle gameThere seems to be. It seemed like a game to create English words, but when Kyle Barr of Gizmodo tried it,Very difficult and frustratingAs a result…what kind of game is it? Below is reporter Barr, who seems to have no choice but to get angry.

iOS 17.5, which will be released soon, will add some features, but some of them may not be necessary. The iOS 17.5 beta released to developers is only available to those subscribed to Apple News+.The quartersIt was discovered that there is a game called “.

Quartiles is a game in which you create words by combining parts of English words arranged in 4×5 squares. Apple News+ in iOS 17 already includes crossword puzzles.

Where are the quadrilaterals located?

Quatrains areIn the iOS 17.5 beta of the Apple News app, select Mysteries from the Following tab.You can see it by opening it. The New York Times app, which Apple might consider a competitor, has some puzzles, like Wordle and Sudoku, but the Apple News game looks pretty similar.

Quatrains areA game in which you create English words using parts of words displayed in a grid.Puzzles are updated every morning. A four-part word is called a “quarter,” and there are five sets of quarters hidden in each game. As with all word games of this type, you will need some knowledge of the English language to play.

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Those who have gotten iOS 17.5 say the update features a redesigned Podcast widget, anti-stalking features for AirTags, and an App Store that is no longer required for users in the EU.

On top of that, Apple does things like the New York Times does with Wordle, etc.We want to boost usage by linking games to news apps.I think so.

Crossword puzzles are already on Apple News+.
Photo: Kyle Barr – Gizmodo US

However, the quadrilateralsMuch more difficult than Wordle and very frustrating to act. Primarily, word puzzles require a certain amount of learning. Even for people who can speak English to some extent, there are obstacles for those who are not native speakers or those who were not fluent in English subjects in school. A good game is one that starts out easy and then gradually becomes more difficult as you play.

For example, in games like Portal and The Witness, mechanics are built over time, so players gain confidence after progressing to a certain point. Apple News+ games (or rather New York Times games)There is no system in place for developing players..

At best, mini crosswords are the easiest to get through, but the difficulty level of coming up with each word is no different than usual, it's just that they take less time because there are fewer slots.

My favorite New York Times game is Connections, which divides 16 words into 4 groups based on some criteria. It's easy, takes a short time to complete, and if a puzzle is hard that day, you might give up thinking it won't be that hard the next. In that sense, Wordle is similar, but Wordle is more of a guessing game than a puzzle game, so I always decided not to play it.

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Puzzles with unclear endings areMuch harder than an endgame. Therefore, players should set their own goals and stop when they feel they have accomplished everything. But for people like me, I'm not satisfied until I reach the level of “genius” that comes from finding almost all the answers.

How to play quatrains

Photo: Kyle Barr – Gizmodo US

Quatrains areA bit like the Spelling BeeYes, but it is much more difficult. Spelling Bee is a game in which you can create English words by combining 4 or more letters from the 7 letters of the alphabet, and the more words you create, the higher your score and the more “genius” you become.

In the case of Spelling Bee, it's relatively easy to create 4 or 5 letter words, so you can feel like you've more or less completed it. Then, you can gradually find words with 6 or 7 letters by taking into account various factors such as the order of vowels and consonants, and if successful, you can even create a “pangram” (a word that uses all 7 letters).

But with the quarters,There are so many options I feel like I'm going crazyit will be. You can combine the displayed word parts, such as “dis” and “ity,” by dividing them into “words that come at the beginning of a word” and “words that come at the end,” but in the end, you still end up with 20 words, and I have to put the pieces together every time.

In the end, I decided to pick one part and use brute force to find parts that would stick to it. It's a lot of work and not fun at all. Even when I found the “quadrant” (a group of four squares connected to form a word), it seemed more like a coincidence than a skill.

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It would be better if there was a way to categorize and display tiles freely, but currently the only operation you can do with tiles is simply rearrange them. Even if you feel like you found all the words on the second piece, you did! instead of,I felt a stronger sense of wasted effort, thinking I couldn't do it anymore..

For example, with communications, if you answer one question, the number of collection goals will be reduced from 16 to 12, making it easier next time. But in the case of quadrilaterals, even if you answer one question, the difficulty level remains the same.It feels like the game keeps moving back and forth to the same place without moving forward.He is.

Wordle is also better than Quartiles in the sense that if you enter the answer six times and don't know, it's over, so it's clear who wins and who loses. And you can't play Quartiles without paying for an Apple News+ subscription. at least,I don't think I need to pay for this game.I suspect.