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It’s been 36 years since those exciting days.  Looking Back On ‘Dragon Quest II Evil Gods’ Memories With Pictures Of Actual Game Machine-GAME Watch

It’s been 36 years since those exciting days. Looking Back On ‘Dragon Quest II Evil Gods’ Memories With Pictures Of Actual Game Machine-GAME Watch

Thirty-six years ago, on January 26, 1987, Enix (currently Square Enix) released “Dragon Quest II Demon Gods” (hereinafter “Dragon Quest II”) as a title for family computers.

This work is a sequel to the massive “Dragon Quest” (released on May 27, 1986) which established the command entry RPG genre among game fans.

“Dragon Quest II Demonic Gods”.After the previous work, this is the title that made fun of the introduction of RPGs commands widely known to game fans.

The sequel depicts the story 100 years after the previous work, and the map has been greatly expanded, the party system introduced, and a new transportation “ship” has been added, and so on. line, and the Famicom version alone is said to have sold 2.4 million copies. I am also a real-time gamer. I got one of them. This time I raised my hand to write this anniversary project. I would appreciate it if you could share a few of your memories of when “Dragon Quest II” was released.

The release date, January 26, 1987, is a weekday Monday. Despite this, a long line formed at the storefront, and some people took time off from work or school to go buy it!

In October 1986, when the excitement of the previous work “Dragon Quest” had not subsided, the release of “Dragon Quest II” was revealed in the corner of the “Famicom Shinken Mystery” cover of “Weekly Shonen Jump”. At this point, information such as the introduction of the party system, improved graphics, and 100 kinds of monsters were announced (there were about 80 in the product version), and the enthusiastic players of the previous work, including the author, were very impressed.Dance.

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The release date, January 26, 1987, was a Monday, and as a student, I couldn’t afford to buy it, but I said, “I’ll be able to buy it on the weekend.” It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized I made a mistake, there was no “Dragon Quest II” showing up anywhere in the store, and the days dragged on for a while.

After that, I managed to buy it safely, but despite its long presentation, I don’t remember when and how I got it. In April of the same year, a special radio program was made for this work on the Nippon Broadcasting System’s “All Night Nippon”. I used to listen to this program when I scanned the game, so I got it in February or March. I think that

A memorable cassette tape from the author’s “Dragon Quest II”. This time, using this cassette and a resurrection spell I had written at the time, I took pictures from an actual Famicom machine. By the way, I remember that the hero was named after the hero of a certain comic I was reading at the time.

“Dragon Quest II”, which I played with such high expectations, has evolved everything from the previous work. Starting at the title screen, where shields with the crest and the letters “II” appear above and below, the main character and other characters on the game screen have up, down, left, and right facing patterns, and there are eight menu commands. As soon as I touched it, I could feel the difference from the previous work. The party system and the addition of new spells greatly expanded the range of strategies during battle, and monsters appeared in parties and became tougher.

The story begins with the news of Moonbrook being attacked by High Priest Hargon to the castle where the main character, the Prince of Laurasia, resides.

Unlike the previous work, where the character walked without changing direction, in this work, you face the direction you are moving in. The game looks much richer

The hero becomes a group of three, and their abilities are different. Monsters also appear in groups

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Three young men from three different countries, descendants of the hero Ruto, have gathered and set out on a journey to defeat High Priest Harjun who is trying to destroy the world. Voice guidance is one of my favorite points.

It was a novel that BGM’s main “Harukanaru’s Journey” changed to “Endless World” when the three main characters were together, and when I set foot in the Alphaguard, the stage of the previous work, “Going to Hirono” (“Dragon Quest”) BGM field) hit me with goosebumps

The song “Love Song Search” sung by Anna Makino, who was an idol at the time, is used at the beginning of the game on the name and resurrection entry screens, but when you talk to “Utahime Anna” in Perpoi City, it is also a neat production that BGM changes the song to same song. Overall, the sound of “Dragon Quest II” has a high degree of perfection, and personally I think it would be in the top three of the series.

I knew from advance information that Alefgard was in the world map, but I didn’t expect the same BGM as back then. I still get goosebumps when I listen to this song

“Love Song Sagate”, released as an idol single, is a masterpiece that showcases the skills of Koichi Sugiyama, who also dabbled in several pop hits in the 1970s.