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Putting rolling dice to the test: Backgammon with a rolling dice

Putting rolling dice to the test: Backgammon with a rolling dice

Abacusspiele focuses on family-friendly entertainment with its Rolling Dice game. Cube arena at its best, especially with many players.

  • Suitable for 2-6 players, ages 8+
  • Play time: about 30 minutes
  • Authors: Peter Weichmann, Albrecht Weerstein, Klaus Zusch, Karl-Heinz Schmeil
  • Publisher: Abacusspiele
  • Price: 20-25 euros

Oh man, is that a dick, oh man! No, this time we’re not talking about the iconic chocolate kiss the confectionery manufacturer Storck unforgettably advertised in TV commercials in the 1990s. In this case, the game’s really bulky packaging is meant Abacuspile Grandma’s spring rolling dice. A look at the box initially caused astonishment. Hmmm, there’s not much there. Six cute stamped markers plus a simple plastic ring and 24 dice in six different colors. That’s about it, in fact. So why all this gigantic? The solution is simple. In Rolling Dice, packing is also a staple in the game. With just a few simple steps, you can turn it into a huge arena where the ice raft is the playing field. Rolling Dice immediately stirs up its association with curling, which is mixed with some hilarious tricks.

Throwing dice by force of dice

Dice fun extends over several rounds. You will be equipped with 4 dice of one color, all of which you toss into the ring in the first round. Make sure the dice remain on the field as much as possible. The outer edges of the stadium are actually made of Ice water. Any dice that falls into the water instantly turns into blocks of ice and doesn’t earn you points. It takes a little skill, but also a good dose of luck, to keep the dice somewhere on the ice.

In spite of the XXL yard, you can quickly get screwed up on the ice in Rolling Dice.

© Abacusspiele

As long as you haven’t completely outgrown your turn, you can now choose a mold that hasn’t landed in ice water. This was announced as a scoring die. It stays in place while the rest of your color cubes are removed from Ice raft To sweep. Other players also perform their actions in this way. Amidst the chaos of the dice, the dice positions can of course get mixed up a bit, which can lead to cheers or the exact opposite reaction.

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At Rolling Dice, luck and tactics are required

Once all players have completed their throw, the round can be recorded live. You will first get points according to Number of eyes On your cube. However, the position of the cube within the square is also appropriate. You can also put other players’ numbers in a bag if their dice are closer to the entrance to the ring than your own. The more you maneuver the cube again into the field, the more points you get.

With a bit of bad luck, Rolling Dice’s dice lands in ice water on the side and turns into a block of ice.

© Abacusspiele

Greed for points can quickly become a shame, at least in subsequent rounds. From the second round, you need to know the result of your previous throw Overflow. The taped template remains on the ice floe and is marked with a plastic ring for a better overview. So now you only need to throw 3 dice into the ring. One of these cubes should land a little further on the ice floe. So the end of the flagpole can be reached quickly here. Fortunately, there is a second way to beat the previous scroll simply by getting a higher number on one of the dice.

Throwing dice with excitement

This simple mechanism gives you a few tactical considerations. With the dice at the end of the court, you usually get a lot of points. But if this still contains a large number of points, it becomes nearly impossible to bypass that garbage. But maybe the risk is still worth it? One price miscarriage However high. If you do not succeed to top the previous score, you will get zero points in this round. The last dice scored is instantly converted into a block of ice and awarded to all other players, which is of course doubly annoying.

Fishing nets give some great Bonus Points in Rolling Dice.

© Abacusspiele

Real gamblers wouldn’t be put off by this, would they? In Rolling Dice, you challenge your luck with every new round. The game also has a few traps ready for you, adding to the excitement. For example, you can push your dice into the water with the dice. Stupid one The incidentIt will cost you a lot of points. The push cube becomes a block of ice and thus provides points to the other players again. The remaining three dice were also not scored.

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Rolling Dice has a harassment arena

Of course, you can also throw other players’ scoring dice at the deep end. Your teammate might thank you for this. The cube returns directly to the ice floe. The owner can get one Any position As for his die, only the number of points may change and so the little oversight can develop into a rain of pips for your teammates.

On Rolling Dice, you can also use square as a raster measure.

© Abacusspiele

Four may be recommended as a new placement for the cube Fishing nets On the ice raft. The scoring cubes that touch these nets at the end of the round earn you some bonus points. However, there are also some negative fields with ice holes. The dice dropped there will be penalized with a point deduction.

Party fun with Rolling Dice

After scoring, all new dice remain on the ice. The next round can then begin immediately. If you are the first to convert a cube into a block of ice in the current cycle, you will The player starts up In the next round. If no player makes this mistake this time, the right to start passes to the owner of the cube closest to the entrance to the ring.

The current scoring template is marked with a plastic ring in the Rolling Dice.

© Abacusspiele

The game ends once the first player reaches a certain number of points. If you take the point limits suggested in the rule book, the game will take about half an hour. For longer or shorter matches, you can adjust the number of points according to your needs. Rolling Dice is suitable for two to six players, aged eight and over, and is posted via Abacusspiele. The game is now available in stores and costs 20-25 euros.

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Conclusion: Rolling Dice is an uncomplicated party fun that can look forward to next game classification

Rolling Dice is an uncomplicated party fun that can look forward to next game rating.

© Abacusspiele

Rolling Dice is one of those games in which more people participate, the more fun it becomes. The game makes great use of the chaos factor, and creates strong feelings on the table without anyone having to get too angry. It is also easily accessible Family fun It is a real hit. Sure, Rolling Dice has a minimal tactical effect. You can at least try to give your cube the right direction and momentum needed to achieve a perfect result. Even the most skilled archer will not achieve good dice control. You have much more influence when choosing a scoring die. Dice in the back of the ring count a lot of points, but they are very risky. If the next round goes awry, you end up with idle hands. Little Gambling spirit It is also part of the Rolling Dice program. This combination makes Rolling Dice a great family game that especially shines in the big game sets.

forefront With
+ Explained quickly – He gets fun only from 3-4 players
+ A good mix of luck, skill and tactics
+ The chaos factor creates emotions
+ He plays great in larger groups
+ Astonishing size of the square