April 17, 2024


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PS5 Pro, Switch 2 and a new Xbox – mobiFlip.de

PS5 Pro, Switch 2 and a new Xbox – mobiFlip.de

We're looking forward to an exciting year with new hardware, at least that's what we're hearing in the rumours. Microsoft has a new Xbox planned for the summer, a PS5 Pro will follow soon after, and a Nintendo Switch 2 will likely be available in early 2025.

This should actually be coming at the end of 2024, and new hardware usually also means: lots of new, high-quality games. Manufacturers are well prepared for the launch and the first year in order to directly increase sales numbers.

It's still relatively calm at the moment, but it's the calm before the storm, because June is approaching and there are two events coming up. Perhaps the biggest event of the summer now has a date: the 2024 Summer Games Festival begins on June 7.

New console hardware is coming

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have yet to confirm any events for June, but they're happy about it. E3 has now been cancelled, but the irony is that 2024 is likely to be a big year for announcements.

My guess: We'll see a new Xbox, which will likely be purely digital and coming very soon, Sony will confirm the PlayStation 5 Pro and provide key data to developers, and Nintendo will debut the new Switch 2.

Of course, these things won't be shown off at the Summer Games Festival, they're not big or important, they'll be separate announcements, but I expect there will be a lot of new games on the site, so the hardware should be confirmed beforehand.