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Professional competitions 2021: technology is on time

Professional competitions 2021: technology is on time

The formation of professional competitions for public service continues in various centers. On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, the media was able to follow the developments of various events. He was at the National School of Administration and Justice (ENAM). Candidates consisted of machines and had the option of viewing their score at the same time.

The formation of professional competitions is going well. On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, the Ministry responsible for the public service invited the press to the ENAM Training Center. The peculiarity of this year is the introduction of the composition to the machines. At 6.30 am, the moderators called. Then they gave each candidate an access token to their computer. But before that, Suleiman Linjani, Secretary General of the Ministry of Civil Service, explained that the subjects had been selected and drawn the day before.

Suleiman Lanjani, Secretary General of the Ministry in charge of Civil Serviceخدمة

According to him, they were then handed over to computer scientists. These have been exported to computers. Suleiman Linjani indicated that the results will be announced on the same day. At each authorship center there is a jury for deliberation, a team of investigators. The results are then sent to the in-depth oversight of the public government employment agency. At the end of this there will be a transfer of eligibility signature. The Secretary-General also revealed that each candidate has the ability to see his grades as soon as his composition is verified.

Mrs. Ouattara née Moné Madjelia

The introduction of new technology is positively appreciated by applicants. Fatma Yago was composed to become an assistant secretary. For her, innovation is a good initiative. She said she found the topic affordable. She did not notice any abnormalities in her computer. Madjelia Ouattara/Moné also found the procedure to be very simple. You haven’t noticed any particular issues with the device or connectivity. “I am satisfied. I tried to see my note. I had an average” she concluded, very happy. Compositions continue. In some competitions there are table fixtures but the correction will be electronic.

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