June 23, 2024


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Prime Gaming Pack 8 is here now, trolling gamers with the icon card

Prime Gaming Pack 8 is here now, trolling gamers with the icon card

In FIFA 23, you can now choose Prime Gaming Pack 8. But don’t be fooled by the opening animation – that’s what happened to some players.

What is Prime Gaming Pack 8? Prime Gaming and FIFA 23 have been collaborating for a long time. So players with a Prime account can regularly pick up these packs, which usually pick up some player cards and consumables for Ultimate Team.

The latest bundle is available now and can be obtained for about a month: it will no longer be available on June 19th.

How to get Prime Gaming Pack 8:

  • Navigate to the Prime Gaming loot area, via this link (Via Prime Gaming / Amazon).
  • Controls the FIFA 23 region.
  • Select the package.
  • Connect Prime to your EA Account when prompted.
  • Click the “Recover” button.

The pack will now be added to you so that you can pick it up either directly in the game, in the web app, or in the companion app. You should then get a corresponding message in the list that the package has been retrieved. You can find the package itself under “My Package” in the shop area.

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Gamers see confetti featured in the Prime Gaming Pack, but they get excited too soon

What happened there? Some players who have already chosen the pack say they were cheated by the pack. Because some who opened the package in the web or companion app saw the familiar “candy icon” that appears when you open the package and has a legend inside.

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Of course, the joy was great for a short while – until they realized it was just a loan ticket for a few matches.

  • “Damn, I opened it in the app and didn’t read the description of the package. I was thrilled to see Flair Code coming, but he was only the head of Lampard on a 10-match loan,” one user wrote (via reddit).
  • “Same” writes another (Heb reddit) with a chuckle on his back: “The most exciting I’ve had at this game in a long time.”
  • “Did they really fool me with the rental code animation?” Another asks (Heb reddit).

Another describes how happy he was with Ronaldo’s head, only to discover it was a loan card – some users here may have been briefly surprised. But others have also reported being lucky with the package and getting a LaLiga team TOTS card in player selection, for example.

Because not only the icon rental card is in the package.

What’s in Prime Gaming Pack 8? Stuck in the package:

  • 7 rare players (gold)
  • Two player options with an 82+ overall rating
  • 12 rare consumables
  • Prime Icon loan player for 10 matches

Depending on how lucky you are, you can still draw one useful card or another from the pack – or at least fodder for your next SBC.

Anyway, FIFA 23 continues with the Team of the Season. The training of trainers event schedule can be found here.