February 23, 2024


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Pre-sales announced for the solo performance “Av-chan's Birthday 2023 ~DEVIL GAL~”[女王蜂] |  News

Pre-sales announced for the solo performance “Av-chan's Birthday 2023 ~DEVIL GAL~”[女王蜂] | News

Pre-sales have been scheduled at the venue of the solo show “Av-chan Christmas Festival 2023 ~DEVIL GAL~” which will be held at @Zepp DiverCity on Monday, December 25th.

Please read the instructions below carefully before using the Service.

In addition, those who purchase the new single “01” at the venue will receive the A2-sized “01” visual poster, which is a bonus for purchasing at the venue during the “2023-2024 National Hall Tour 'Twelve Dimensions +01'” It has been decided This should also be a performance bonus.

Quantities are limited, so please purchase early.

[مكان المبيعات المسبقة الوقت]

December 25 (month) @Zepp DiverCity 15:30~17:30

*Only customers who have tickets for this show can purchase.

*Please note that time and other details may change depending on the situation on the day.

[حول طرق الدفع]

■Cash/Credit Card/QR Code Payment/E-Money can be used.

*Please check on site the available payment methods.
*Cashless payments may be canceled depending on signal strength or sales floor congestion.

[ملاحظات بخصوص مبيعات المكان]

*Please use the minimum number of people purchasing as much as possible.

*The number of each product is limited. Please note that there is a possibility that the product may be sold out.

*We cannot accept returns or exchanges for products other than defective products. When you receive the product, please confirm the authenticity of the product.

★New “01” Single Place Purchase Bonus: A2 Size “01” Visual Poster

“National Hall Tour 2023-2024 “Twelve Dimensions +01”” Each place is eligible for the above benefits.

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We will also be offering a gift to those who purchase at the “Solo Performance “Av-chan Birth Festival 2023 ~DEVIL GAL~” venue.”

*Customers who purchase the new single “01” on sale at the venue will receive a reward on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following two product numbers are eligible.

Queen Bee's new single “01” was released on November 15

・Limited First Edition (CD + Blu-ray): 3,000 yen (income tax) AICL-4447~4448

・Limited Edition (CD only *Anime Version): ¥1,500 (Income Tax) AICL-4449

*Bonus will expire once it runs out.

*CD sales are scheduled to begin simultaneously with merchandise pre-sales.

*Please do not contact Sony Music Shop or Queen Bee's official fan club “CLUB OF QB” for inquiries regarding this feature.

Please contact your retail store in each Target location.