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Prayer psalm for the family |  Daily Mail

Prayer psalm for the family | Daily Mail

It's a remarkably simple idea and a new spiritual community behind this book: it's called Mothers in Prayer. Writer Katherine Larsen is responsible for the Germany and Israel section. In fact, the organization Mothers in Prayer – MiP – works all over the world, bringing together prayer groups of loosely connected women, whose main concerns are not “gender equality” and “the ordination of women to the priesthood,” but those of their children and grandchildren. And the teachers who care for them and the schools they go to every day. Mothers in Prayer considers itself a global prayer movement of mothers and grandmothers who meet once a week to pray for children, their teachers and the schools involved, in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Israel and abroad.

The author uses the Psalms as the basis for her prayer book, providing access to these thousands of years of prayers that were previously not possible for some prayers. The introduction by Fern Nichols, founder of Mothers in Prayer International, carefully explains how to achieve structured, fruitful prayer in four steps: The first step is worship, which means glorifying God and saying who He is.

Start praying today

The second step is the basic attitude of repentance, because a pure heart leads to effective prayer. Thanksgiving is about giving God honor and glory and expressing our gratitude for His goodness. Then we can intercede, for Fern Nichols' intercession is “Love in Action.”

Author Katherine Larsen wrote this book for her granddaughter. Her belief is that when we pray for our children, we give them eternal gifts. In her inspiring introduction, she specifically asks us to begin with prayer today. With your book, the reader has everything they need at their fingertips. Tried and convinced prayer does not hamper us with cumbersome introductory phrases. Her recommended instructions are compellingly clear, and her advice is rooted in her extensive practice.

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Blessing through the psalm prayer

You can hear her deep devotion in her language and tone of voice. So she promises us with conviction that with this practice we will get things moving: “You'll be surprised at what happens!” She encourages us that we will receive great blessings if we work with people in praying the Psalms that she prepared specifically for grandparents and parents, beginning and continuing.

For example, this is her setting of Psalm 117, which is known to be the shortest psalm, and for this reason Larsen's method of prayer can be well illustrated at this point. The division into four steps can also be found previously introduced in this psalm. “Bless the Lord, all you peoples; Praise Him, all you nations” – Worship: “You are the God of all nations and yet you look down upon the individual. I adore you! You have [Namen einsetzen] You created life and you are God [Name] And his nation forever and ever!” The second verse is a repetition of the first, but Larsen now formulates an addition that refers to the second step, “repentance”: “Jesus Christ, place your joy, your worship, and your praise in us.” [Name] heart. And protect him from ever deviating from it.

It can be used as a classifier

In verse three, Larsen's prayer suggestion refers to thanksgiving, as previously explained. It says: Because his love for us is strong, and his faithfulness never ceases. Thank God! Praise the Lord! Larsen's suggestion was: “Thank you for that [Name] They can praise and praise you forever, your love and loyalty to [Name] Never stop!” In verse four, the psalm's prayer repeats the first two verses – in Larsen's prayer practice, the fourth step, intercession, follows after reading it: “The Holy Spirit, through you [Name] Abed. You breathed life into it! Let his praise infect others and inspire them as well.

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Following this pattern, the author reviews all the psalms from the Bible and also leaves room for her own notes, so that “I Give You My Prayer” becomes a veritable workbook. Of particular note is its short list in the appendix entitled “God in the Psalms.” There God assigns a title to each psalm, for example Psalm 24 – “The King of Glory” or Psalm 5 – “God is Love”. This book is valuable for every passionate prayer, and last but not least, it is particularly suitable for spiritual mothers of priests in order to offer them concrete support in their work, as well as for anyone who has previously found it difficult or almost impossible. To access the prayer of the psalm.

Katherine Larsen: I pray for you. Praying the Psalms for our children, Fontis Verlag Basel, 2023, 328 pages, €19.90

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