September 21, 2023


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Police officers on Twitch – this is how the online patrol ensures order

Police officers on Twitch – this is how the online patrol ensures order

In addition to the Fortnite teacher, police officers can now be found in online games. The Danish Police has set up a special online unit to ensure law and order on the Internet. Some administrators even have accounts with Fortnite, Counter Strike, and more. Created to prevent inappropriate behavior in games.




A special unit for online games?

It’s not uncommon for computer game villains to be brought to justice. Usually, the in-game system ensures that players who break the rules are penalized by the game with bans or similar restrictions.

However, the Danish police are now taking matters into their own hands.

They have created a special one Online periodicalwhich aims to provide more safety for children and young people on the Internet.

What exactly does the Internet Patrol do?

To date, an online periodical across FacebookAnd Instagram and reach discord. Accounts on other social media platforms are also planned.

In this way, they want to give users the opportunity to contact law enforcement agencies via the Internet. In addition, officers will patrol online and open their eyes to criminals – almost like “real” patrol officers.

Danish police officers also get around in video games. on Official site You can find the names of some Minecraft, Fortnite and Steam accounts inside the game.

Gamble together for more security

However, online patrol officers aren’t just there to watch from the sidelines. They often play with children and young people and even broadcast their games Twitter.

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There, in addition to Fortnite and CS: GO, the officials also play Call of Duty: Warzone, Fall Guys, and much more.

In this way, they want to build a better relationship with their audience and provide insights into their daily work.

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Image credit: Nintendo, Pixels