May 30, 2024


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Players must tip after the credits

Players must tip after the credits

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Tipping is not common in gaming. Therefore, former Blizzard president Mike Ybarra is missing an option to get a tip at the end of the game.

Hamburg – If the service at a restaurant is attentive and diligent and we feel comfortable, we usually take out our wallet and reward a nice visit with a tip. When you spend hours and hours in a video game and after the tearful ending credits flash across the screen, we simply turn off the console or start the next game. Why actually? This is what the former Blizzard president asks Mike Ybarra. He would like to have a tipping option in video games.

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Gaming advice: Mike Ybarra was Blizzard's president until the beginning of 2024, and today he's doling out interesting, questionable advice on Twitter|X. Ybarra recently suggested that after the game's credits there should be an option to credit the developers for a job well done. Of course, purely optional, of course. “I wish I could give these people another $10 or $20.”“, Ybarra tweeted.

As a former president of Blizzard, a $20 gaming tip probably shouldn't be an issue. For most gamers, gaming has become a real luxury hobby anyway – many gamers are lucky if they can even afford a new AAA game. Ybarra still suggests that the best way to express your gratitude is through your wallet. “I know $70 is a lot of money, but it's an end-game option I wish I had sometimes. Some matches are very special.”

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Ybarra goes on to say that he knows many players probably won't like this idea. However, he does not see his suggestion of gaming advice as an obligation, but rather as an option. Just as he expected, fans were not happy with Ybarra's idea. Many see the move as another tactic to line the pockets of publishers – not developers.

“Unless you're tipping an indie developer… aren't you basically giving the publisher money while the developers get their regular salaries?”Comment @PaulsGamingLive. His accusation and the accusations of many players: Tips in games can support low salaries. There is currently no tipping option in the vast majority of video games.