September 30, 2023


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Player explains why his gaming computer crashes with 4 pictures and receives scathing comments

Player explains why his gaming computer crashes with 4 pictures and receives scathing comments

One player contacted Reddit with four pictures of his computer because his computer was crashing. The community took one look at the photos and noted with caustic comments what he had done wrong.

Reddit user “Keniisu” wrote in a post on the social network that he has a problem with his computer – it crashes. To find out why his computer crashed, the user opened up the computer and removed the CPU cooler.

Keniisu then shared four photos of his computer’s internals on the pcmasterrace subreddit.

You can see Keniisu’s Reddit post with four photos of his computer here:

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In one day, Keniisu received 4,500 upvotes on the subreddit and more than 1,100 comments on his post. But commentators have come to a scathing verdict.

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Commentators call the PC a “disaster”

What do the comments say exactly? Under Keniisu’s post is a comment with 6,500 upvotes, in which a user named “Arthur-Wintersight” details the errors Keniisu made with his computer.

User criticisms that, among other things, Keniisu has:

  • Use a full tube of thermal paste
  • NVMe drive is not screwed
  • 2.5″ SSD not screwed on
  • The graphics card is not tightened
  • Improperly pulling the CPU and bending too many pins in the process
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Additionally, according to Arthur-Wintersight, the PC is “missing a lot of MOBO screws” and looks “as if the I/O shield supports”. In addition, “the correct PCIe power connector damaged the plastic.”

User devastating conclusion: “Normally I wouldn’t recommend pre-running [vorgefertigte PCs] vs. DIY settings, but in this case I’m going to make an exception. You should also have a workshop do all the tech upgrades for you.”

Other users also make a difficult judgment. Chikorya wrote that Kennisu “should have his computer deauthorized”. Countless other comments are mainly critical of the amount of thermal paste used. Furthermore, an NSFW (Not Safe for Work) label is required and the computer is described as a “disaster”.

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