December 7, 2023


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Pixel Watch 2: With Ultra Wideband Technology?  Explains the FCC list

Pixel Watch 2: With Ultra Wideband Technology? Explains the FCC list


Will the Pixel Watch 2 come with Ultra Broadband technology? There were already rumors about this. The FCC listing gives you certainty.

In terms of resolution and display size, the Pixel Watch 2 should not differ from the previous model (pictured). (Source: Netzwelt)

  • Three Pixel Watch 2 models are listed on the FCC website.
  • One is a Bluetooth and WiFi only model, and the other two support different LTE bands.
  • None of them can do ultra broadband.

a from the inside some parts of the equipment Pixel Watch 2 Previously unveiled, including Ultra Wide Band (UWB). However, this expectation will obviously not come true. Google It has not yet submitted the necessary communications to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the US regulatory body for communication devices.

As a result, it does not appear on the agency’s website like the technical website 9to5Google has been established. There are three models of Pixel Watch 2, which differ in terms of supported LTE bands and can be distinguished by model names. G4TSL It must be a Bluetooth variant and therefore does not transmit on any LTE band. GC3G8 Supports Bands 5 and 7. GD2WG is most likely the cellular model for the USA with supported LTE Bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 13, 17, 25, 26, 66, and 71. However, none of the three models list UWB functionality .

Google is also testing some bracelet materials for their specific electric field absorption rate. This is important because it can overheat them. The bracelets will be marked as “Active plastic strap“,”Mesh metal strap“,”Metal tie belt” And “Thin metal strapThe “metal link strap” could be the metal bracelet on pixel clock He is.

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